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WIRE Buzz: Trailers for 'Pooka Lives' and 'Lupin the Third.' Plus, Nintendo updates

By Jacob Oller
Pooka 2 hed

Hulu’s holiday-based horror anthology Into the Dark is in full swing on its second season, but it’s about to break ground next month. That’s because — departing from anthology tradition — the collection of horror movies is bringing its first sequel episode to the streamer: Pooka Lives

The episode follows up on the Nacho Vigalondo-directed Christmas 2018 episode, titled (or course!) Pooka!, showcasing a group of pals that accidentally make a creepypasta so good that it brings the villainous monsters back to reality. Alejandro Brugués takes over directing duties this time around, from a script by Ryan Copple, as Into the Dark finally finds some continuity in the episode’s first trailer.

Check it out:

One of the weirdest and best-reviewed installments from its first season, Pooka is back with a new form and all sorts of inspired creepiness afoot. With a cast including Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Malcolm Barrett, Rachel Bloom, Jonah Ray, Lyndie Greenwood, and Gavin Stenhouse, this “internet come to life” version of the story (almost with a Candyman mythic quality) looks to be a lot of fun.

Pooka Lives for fans once again on April 3.

Next, one of anime’s most famous characters is bringing a new film stateside. Lupin III, the slick thief whose charm and ability have made him the James Bond of stealing, has a new movie and — for the first time — the icon will appear in CG.

According to a release, Lupin the 3rd: The First (which has a title as cheeky as its central character) will get a North American release from GKIDS. Writer/director Takashi Yamazaki takes on the long-running series (Monkey Punch’s original version debuted in 1967), bringing the adventurer and his colorful companions on a hunt for the Bresson Diary, before a sinister cult uses it to resurrect the Third Reich.

"As someone who has been a fan of Lupin III since The Castle of Cagliostro, I was blown away by the quality of animation and storytelling in Lupin the 3rd: The First," said GKIDS president David Jesteadt. "Director Takashi Yamazaki has taken such incredible care and detail in creating Lupin's first adventure in CG, and I am hopeful that audiences fall in love with the film as much as I have."

Lupin the 3rd: The First will get a Japanese release and English dub release in 2020.

Finally, the latest Nintendo Direct livestream had some fun news for the two biggest games on the Switch not titled Animal Crossing AND an announcement sure to inspire nostalgia for Star Wars fans.

The whole Direct can be watched here:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting a new fighter in the coming months from the Arms game, though which character will join the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 DLC wasn’t specified. They’ll join combatants like Banjo and Kazooie, Hero, and Joker as add-on heroes to the main cast sometime in June.

Pokémon Sword and Shield had some info drop about their new DLC area, the Isle of Armor, and the legendary that trainers can find there. Kubfu will be available to all, but it’s a Pokémon whose evolution depends on which path its trainer takes during the Towers of Two Fists: Darkness or Waters. Whichever selection the player makes will determine the form (and typing) of Kubfu’s evolution, Urshifu. It will either become a Fighting/Dark or Fighting/Water type and learn a special move correlating to each. Early purchases for the $29.99 expansion run through Aug. 31.

But that’s not all: Star Wars Episode I: Racer is coming to Switch. That’s right, the fan favorite podracing game will have Star Wars fans yelling “Now THIS is podracing!” as they take on foes and friends alike from The Phantom Menace. There’s no release date yet for this classic game.