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SYFY WIRE Reginald the Vampire

'Reginald the Vampire's Jacob Batalon and company talk glamouring and siring in Episode 5

Love was in the air for both Reggie and Ashley in this week's new Reginald the Vampire

By Tara Bennett
Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 5

In this week's new episode of Reginald the Vampire, it's all about awkward connections. In particular, connections that push Reginald into embracing his fledgling vampire persona and what that actually means to him. In the episode "Fools in Love," we get to see Reginald still glamouring Todd (Aren Buchholz) for food, and weirdly, they're kinda friends now. His manager/tormentor is acting a lot more like a bestie with Reginald (Jacob Batalon), and it begs the question: Is it real?

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"It's funny, because we had a bunch of different conversations with the whole cast about the glamouring, and how much of that is going to actually take over their entire psyche, or how much of him is bubbling underneath," Buchholz tells SYFY WIRE about the rules of being under a vampire's spell. "We kind of landed somewhere in the middle."

Of Todd and Reggie's increasingly comedic breakfasts together, Buchholz says they played a lot with how much to push those moments and found that bigger was always better. "When he does glamour me, he's like, 'You're going to enjoy this feeding!' The first time he feeds on me, I remember the first time we did it, I kind of played it straight. And then the last time the [director] was like, 'This is the best feeling you've ever had in your life.' So I pretended it was orgasmic," he laughs. "It was so much fun. And then from there on, it built from there where every time I was glamoured I was kind of like his best friend. And I think there's a bit of Todd underneath that really does want to be good friends with Reg."

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Reggie's other friendship with Claire (Thailey Roberge) also takes an unexpected turn when the troubled teen asks him to turn her into a vampire. Batalon says that moment is fraught for Reg because he understands why she's asking. "But to turn someone else into a vampire is a level of mental stress that he just cannot take," the actor says of his character's mental capacity in the moment. "Also being responsible for another vampire is a whole other thing. And then there's the idea of the assessment where the person that I sire will die, if I die. He doesn't want all of that on a 12-year-old girl."

But Batalon adds that if the upcoming assessment wasn't so dire, or he wasn't still such a noob himself, "I think he probably would have [turned her] if it was different circumstances."

Turning to the more romantic stories of the episode, Ashley (Marguerite Hanna) is really on the hunt to reveal exactly what's going on with Reggie and uncover the supernatural shenanigans she's positive are going on right under her nose. "This is Ashley's passion!" Hanna enthuses about Ash finally unleashing her character's snooping skills. "Something that I pieced together for myself is that Ashley is really, really used to being on the outside looking in, which is more of a comfortable place for Ashley to exist in. And I think through that, Ashley loves watching and observing and treating other people as if they're research subjects. And I think they're very uncomfortable at the prospect of growing any meaningful interpersonal relationships with people," she laughs. "Maybe, a little bit of it is a coping mechanism of like, 'I don't fit in and so how do I find purpose?' But also I think it's just their jam."

And it doesn't hurt that assassin Nikki (Christin Park) ends up having some wicked chemistry at first meeting with Ash. Could there be a deeper connection for them on the horizon? "Maybe?" Hanna hedges with a smile. "I'll say if Ashley's gonna hone in on one person, obviously, it's gonna be like the most dangerous assassin," she laughs. "But if one person's gonna understand Ashley, It's obviously gonna be Nikki."

Understanding one another is exactly what makes Reginald and Sarah (Em Haines) continue to work even as they navigate awkward date number two. Featuring the "three's a crowd" mix of Reg, Sarah, and Maurice (Mandela Van Peebles), Batalon says the thruple date was the funniest scene to play. "Reginald doesn't even see it as an awkward thing," the actor laughs. "He just sees it as his friend coming along for a date. Meanwhile, Sarah's like, 'You brought your friend?' It's really funny. But again, because Sarah and Maurice share a connection for Reginald, they genuinely like each other. And that turned it into a really sweet moment. But yeah, I'm definitely not bringing a parent to meet my girlfriend on a date."

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