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Santa Clarita Diet celebrates zombie love with Season 3 trailer, sets March release

By Jacob Oller
Santa Clarita Diet joel and sheila

After two seasons of gory, feminist zombie comedy, Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet is back with a vengeance — and now we know exactly when.

Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and the zombified Sheila (Drew Barrymore) are renewing their vows...even through multiple murders and some very strange supernatural goings-on. It’s all very romantic as the show enters its third season — which fittingly released its trailer and release date on Valentine’s Day — which will only amp up the relationship drama and the killing.

The show returns to Netflix on March 29 with Joel and Sheila looking like their marriage is stronger than ever — perhaps even capable of lasting a thousand years. Wait...did we hear that right?

Take a look:

It's the chopped-together style the show's team has used for a while, and it's still charming. The 10-episode third season will dig into the ramifications of Sheila’s possible immortality and her new status as an object of worship by local law enforcement (this show is bonkers), all while furthering the cause of an ancient order whose sole purpose is to prevent the undead from existing.

Fans can find out which faction wins out (and whether Joel and Sheila can keep their marriage together) when Santa Clarita Diet returns on March 29.

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