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Scream: Resurrection S3 gets new trailer, network and (same old) Ghostface

By Christian Long
Scream (1996)

What's your favorite scary movie? More specifically, what's your favorite scary movie that later inspired a TV series with a long-delayed third season that now, finally, has a premiere date?

That's right, the long-awaited third season of Scream: Resurrection will be scaring up some viewers starting in just a couple of weeks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scream: Resurrection Season 3 will move from its original home on MTV over to VH1. Additionally, it'll run as a six-hour event series spread out over three nights kicking off on Monday, July 8. There's also a new teaser, which you can check out here:

The show's third season was first announced almost three years ago, which was going to gut the existing premise and reboot the series with a new showrunner, a new cast, and a new location. But not everything is brand-new the third time around.

It was previously confirmed that the show's new season would finally include the iconic Ghostface mask, which was previously off limits due to legal reasons. But what's a Ghostface mask without that devious voice behind it?

Well, it turns out that voice actor Roger Jackson, who has terrified victims with his crank calling since the halcyon days in Woodsboro, will be back in the fold. Yes, the face that embodied horror in the mid-'90s will have the proper voice to go along with it, as you can hear in the new trailer.

Given that the third season has been in some stage of development since the fall of 2016, announcing its premiere just two weeks ahead of time is a bit unexpected. Then again, leave it to a franchise like Scream to surprise viewers in every way possible.

The new cast will include The Umbrella Academy's Mary J. Blige, Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey, and Paris Jackson (as in, the daughter of Michael Jackson). Showrunning duties fell to Brett Matthews, of Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries fame, with Queen Latifah and Wes Craven (who directed all four Scream films) both credited as executive producers.

You can catch the three-night event that is Scream: Resurrection Season 3 starting Monday, July 8, on VH1.