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Things get heated in ‘Floor Is Lava’ Season 3 trailer

This is a real show. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Floor Is Lava Season 3 Episode 1

The absurdly active game show Floor Is Lava is coming back for a third season on Netflix, and the new trailer shows that its volcano is back and hotter than ever. You know what will also be hotter according to the trailer? The lava, of course!

Check out the hotness below:

The upcoming season, which includes five 30-minute episodes, will feature 15 teams fighting to get to the top of the aforementioned volcano to win $10,000. Before they get there, however, they have to go through a series of challenging/embarrassing stunts that all take place on top of  90,000 gallons of “molten lava,” which isn’t really lava at all but merely water dyed red.

The challenges are still challenging though! And in case its not obvious, the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. The contestants as well as host Rutledge Wood are just here to have a good time on a set that just so happens to be covered in red water (er, we mean lava). If this trailer is accurate, the contestants appear to be having the time of their lives as they get thrown around by foam toy blocks the size of sofa chairs, or soaked from eruptions spewing out of the ebullient volcano. 

If you’re looking for some fun, silly competitions to bring some happiness to your brain, this might be just the show for you. You can check out the new episodes of Floor Is Lava when they drop on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 30. 

While you wait, you can watch the previous seasons on Netflix or check out more athletic competition shows, including Frogger and American Ninja Warrior, over on Peacock