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SYFY WIRE Westworld

Newly uncovered ‘secret’ teaser for Westworld S3 goes beyond yesterday's full trailer

By James Comtois
Westworld Season 3 Teaser Aaron Paul

The end of the game is not upon us just yet. The day after we all saw that awe-inspiring full trailer for the third season of Westworld, some industrious so-and-so discovered that the folks at Delos HBO actually made another secret trailer for the sci-fi series, with all-new footage. 

Courtesy of an industrious Reddit user’s sleuthing, a whole new trailer with almost all new footage has been discovered. (It stil features Thandie Newton's Maeve dragging the tip of that samurai sword across the pavement, because, c'mon, how cool is that?) When you go to the website for the show’s fictional data collection company, Incite, and click on the Privacy Act tab, you get the official trailer. But if you do so with a VPN and a clean browser history, you get the new one (shown below). Sneaky sneaky. Seems pretty on-brand for this mysterious and cerebral series.

Check out the (currently unlisted on YouTube as of this writing) secret trailer below. 

Westworld III | Free Will Is Not Free

This new secret trailer is less story-centric than the one that debuted yesterday, and far moodier and ominous, showing bits and pieces of scenes to come rather than providing any big-picture narrative. It features such sights as Vincent Cassel’s new character putting a gun up to Caleb’s (Aaron Paul) head; Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) on the floor silently screaming in agony as she’s connected to glowing blue tubes; Arnold or Bernard (Jeffrey Wright, whoever it is) putting someone in a headlock; and William (Ed Harris) emerging from a flooded bathtub, among other mysterious images. 

All told, it raises more questions than answers. But here’s hoping series co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will provide answers over the course of Season 3’s eight episodes. 

Westworld returns to HBO March 15.