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SYFY WIRE Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home director confirms fate of Vulture and Aunt May, keeps door open for Miles Morales

By Donnie Lederer
Michael Keaton in Spider Man Homecoming

It’s been a little over a week, and most fans are still reeling over the events of Avengers: Endgame. Much as Nick Fury once said, “Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.” That’s why everyone’s heads are spinning over today's release of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.

In a new interview with Fandango, director Jon Watts talked about the latest trailer and filled in some of the gaps when it came to certain characters. Like the villain of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Vulture (played brilliantly by Michael Keaton), who will not be taking to the skies for the sequel. And apparently we won’t see an appearance by his daughter Liz (Laura Harrier), Peter's Homecoming date, either.

“Keaton is not in the movie, and Laura is not in the movie,” Watts said.

While we will miss Keaton owning every scene he’s in, it may be for the best. With Spider-Man and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) already battling the elements, adding a vengeful Vulture could be overkill.

Watts also discussed Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Peter Parker (Tom Holland) disappeared for five years. “Fortunately” for May, she didn’t have to mourn, as she fell victim to Thanos’ snap as well. “She disappeared and came back,” according to Watts.

It seems unlikely she would take up a Ronin-like mantle a la Clint Barton, so it’s safe to assume the most straightforward explanation is the correct one.

Even though Miles Morales wasn’t in Homecoming, Donald Glover’s portrayal of Aaron Davis teased his presence. So when asked if the star of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse would be making his MCU debut, Watts had a fascinating answer: “There is no Miles in this film, or at least not yet. But who knows? We edit these films down to the last second, so you never know.”

Which is of course a great example of answering the question while at the same time not answering the question. It looks like we’ll have to spend our 4th of July holiday getting the true answer ourselves. As the Infinity Saga and Phase 3 come to a close, it’s fitting that arguably the MCU’s most “normal” hero helps fans find closure.

Spider-Man: Far From Home, written by Chris McKenna and Eric Sommers and directed by John Watts, opens in theaters July 2.

(via Heroic Hollywood)