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Three new Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures shorts star Han, Chewie, Ewoks, and Skywalkers

By Jeff Spry
Galaxy of Adventures Hero

Just in time to give your July weekend an extra jolt of Star Wars, Disney/Lucasfilm has delivered a fresh trio of fun-sized animated shorts from their incredibly entertaining Galaxy of Adventures platform on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.

This latest dose of the galaxy far, far away spotlights Han Solo and his walking carpet pal, fuzzy Ewoks attacking the evil Empire, and a tribute to the Skywalker clan and their turbulent encounters with the Sith.

Targeted at a younger Star Wars audience but certainly suitable for sci-fi fans of all ages, these tiny toons first debuted last fall and are produced using animated reimaginings of classic Star Wars Saga scenes matched with authentic sound effects and actual screen dialogue by director Barry Kelly and Titmouse Animation.

Weekly releases are scattered across the online site and the official webpage at, including Fun Facts clips educating us on the franchise's spectrum of aliens, monsters, spaceships, and droids.

First up is Han and Chewie - A Lifelong Partnership, which reminds us of the unexpected friendship and deep bond between the notorious smuggler and his Millennium Falcon co-pilot. Whether on Hoth, Cloud City, Tatooine, or the Death Star, these two are always prepared to escape death and live to tell the tale.

Next is Ewoks vs. The Empire - Small But Mighty, depicting the adorable (and slightly annoying) furballs as they take on the Empire's armored stormtroopers and tromping assault vehicles using simple tools and weapons on the forest moon of Endor. It's nearly enough to make you sing the "Yub Nub" song! Almost.

And lastly, relive the ongoing struggle of good and evil in Jedi vs Sith - The Skywalker Saga, a recap of the monumental struggles and clashes between these two opposing forces across multiple generations. From The Phantom Menace to The Last Jedi, see the ongoing battle rage on over the decades with flashing lightsabers and conflicting ideals at every turn.

Sample all three of these mini Star Wars treats and tell us how you're enjoying these weekly Galaxy of Adventures gems.