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Here’s the ‘Stranger Things 4’ moment that made Millie Bobby Brown 'super distressed’

Stranger Things Vol. 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Vol. 2 is set to drop on the streaming platform on July 1. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Millie Bobby Brown As Eleven In Stranger Things

The first half of Stranger Things 4 has finally premiered on Netflix! Those who’ve seen the episodes so far know there are more than a few harrowing moments for the current and former residents of Hawkins we’ve been following for four seasons. 

SYFY WIRE had the chance to talk with Eleven herself, Millie Bobby Brown, about the latest episodes. During that conversation, she shared what scene made her feel “super distressed,” so much so that even her co-star Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, actually cried. 

Read on to find out what scene Brown is talking about as well as another moment where Sadie Sink, who plays Max on the show, got particularly spooked. And be warned!

Warning: Mild spoilers for Stranger Things 4 lie ahead. 

Stranger Things 4

The scene that sticks out in Brown’s mind takes place in the season’s first episode, where Eleven gets bullied by her new schoolmates at Lenora Hills. The bullying reaches new levels, however, when a bunch of kids gang up on her in a roller skating rink. 

“I remember about 50 people laughing at me and pointing at me,” Brown told SYFY WIRE, referencing the moment when a chocolate milkshake-covered Eleven becomes a spectacle of ridicule. “I remember feeling super distressed and really sad.”

Brown also outed her co-star Schnapp, who was with her for the interview, for crying when he wasn’t supposed to. “Noah cried, which is insane,” she continued, turning to Schnapp. “I don't know if anyone knows that. But you actually got really upset. Do you remember that? You weren't meant to cry in the scene — you just got naturally really emotional because it was actually quite distressing to watch.”

There were some scary supernatural scenes in Vol. 1 as well, of course, such as when Max had her own head-to-head with the Vecna in the fourth episode. For Sink, acting in this scene was especially spooky. “All those prosthetics were real,” she said, talking about Vecna’s creepy visage. “What you see on camera is basically what was there in person on the day, except for the nose … I remember when I first saw him, I just, I couldn't stop laughing because I was so spooked, and it just looks so real. And the actor who plays Vecna is so focused and just really giving me a lot to work with. I was really fortunate enough to have him as a scene partner.”

The first half of Stranger Things 4 is now streaming on Netflix. The second half, consisting of two super-sized episodes, hits the streaming platform on July 1.