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Stranger Things Season 2 rap recap

By Elizabeth Rayne

Because Season 3 of Stranger Things is creeping up on us faster than a Demodog (what was Dustin even thinking when he rescued that thing?!), Bierut Films is back with a rap-up wrap-up of Season 2, just in case you didn't have time to binge it.

The pressing question here: Why is everybody tryna kill these kids?

Maybe that’s just Billy in a moment of really wanting to run over three junior-high Ghostbusters on Halloween. Wait. Who’s Billy? He’s Max’s older brother who looks like he’s burning with pure evil. Max? Who’s Max? She’s the new girl at school who skateboards better than the boys and pwns everyone at Dig Dug. Speaking of new Hawkins residents, there’s also Bob, Joyce’s new boyfriend. He’s one of those nice guys who is just not believable in a cape and vampire fangs, even if it is October 31.

You’re also going to find out why there are #justiceforBob signs next to #justiceforBarb signs all over the internet really, really soon. You know that X-Men fan theory that’s been going around? The reason everyone is waiting to see a whole band of superhuman teens wielding their powers is that Eleven meets another Hawkins Lab experiment, Eight, in this season. This is when she gets that very Karl Lagerfeld makeover with the slicked-back hair and smudged black eyeliner. Anyway, it’s going to take more than a stack of Eggos to lure her back from the shadows Eight and her homicidal friends lurk in.

By the way, Eleven isn’t the only one who morphs from a quasi-innocent-looking kid in a pink dress to a certified badass. Witness the transformation of Steve, because watching him turn from a jerk with big hair to a role model with a monster-bashing baseball bat and even bigger hair is a thing to behold. The hair is courtesy of Farrah Fawcett Spray.

That isn’t even all of it, so if you don’t have half a day to devote to Netflix, find out everything you need to know about Season 2 — rapped.

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.