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‘SurrealEstate’: Tim Rozon teases 'dope' Season 2, more guest stars for SYFY series

When buyers won't bite on your haunted home listing, place a paranormal call to the Roman Agency.

By Benjamin Bullard
Tim Rozon Surrealestate

They’re the property pros who drive the ghosts away so reluctant homeowners can move in, and from the way it sounds, Season 2 is looking “pretty dope” for SurrealEstate as the paranormal horror-comedy series scares up its second slate of open houses at SYFY later this year.

That’s the word from SurrealEstate star Tim Rozon (Schitt’s Creek, Wynonna Earp), who slangily shouted out the show’s fans on Twitter this week with a short but enthused preview of what’s in store for the upcoming season. “First look at Surrealestate Season 2 was pretty dope,” Rozon shared with an emoji wink, alerting viewers after months of relative silence that new episodes are at last on the way.

Check out Tim Rozon's SurrealEstate Season 2 tease below:

As paranormal real estate agent Luke Roman, Rozon heads up a crack team of SurrealEstate property specialists who possess the kind of expertise your average broker just can’t fathom. Taking on tough-case home listings that come with the value-dinging bonus of being haunted, Rozon and costars Sarah Levy (agent Susan Ireland), Maurice Dean Wint (tech guru / designer August Ripley), and Adam Korson (ex-priest Phil Orley) run straight toward the spectral spooks that have made previous homeowners run right out the front door in fright.

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Filming from the fast-paced SurrealEstate set back in December, Rozon hinted to “expect the unexpected” for the Roman Agency as Season 2 creeps toward its SYFY premiere…including some fun unannounced guest stars.

“I think it’s one of the best shows on TV right now,” he shared with TV Insider. “It’s like we’re filming a movie with each episode, and there are 10 episodes with each a different storyline. Plus, I get to work with Sarah Levy each week from Schitt’s Creek. [Wynonna Earp alum] Melanie [Scrofano] directing SurrealEstate, too. There may or may not be others that people may recognize as guest-starring in Season 2.”

Far removed from his thousand-yard stare as Doc Holliday in SYFY’s Wynonna Earp, Rozon gets to lighten up a little with SurrealEstate’s mix of funny scare scenarios and fear-inducing horror-comedy. Without giving away any spoilers, Rozon even hinted that the show’s Season 2 dives deeper into Luke’s spirit-whispering mission, and that the paranormal realtor marks a high point in his own acting career.

“With Schitt’s Creek and on Wynonna Earp, those characters didn’t talk much,” he explained. “They were brooding where Luke Roman has a lot of dialogue, so I always have work to do on SurrealEstate. It’s probably my favorite character I get to play after Season 2. Season 2 confirms what a gift [it is that] I get to play this character.”

Created by George R. Olson, SurrealEstate laid out the creepy welcome mat with its debut season in the summer of 2021, reconvening the cast on location in Canada after the Season 2 green light came across last year. SYFY hasn’t yet revealed when the show’s second season will premiere, but expect to begin seeing ghosts again sometime before the end of 2023.

Catch up with Rozon and the Roman Agency in time for Season 2’s arrival by streaming the complete first season of SurrealEstate, available now at Hulu and SYFY on-demand.