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SYFY'S SurrealEstate Announces Move to Fall for Season 2

The Roman Agency is on the move, and ready for more open haunted houses this fall. 

By Matthew Jackson

Get ready, haunted home buyers, because the Roman Agency is on the move. 

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It's been almost two years now since the world was introduced to SurrealEstate, the SYFY horror series about a pair of realtors (Schitt's Creek vets Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy) who specialize in houses with...well, with character. The show immediately attracted a very solid, devoted fanbase back in the summer of 2021, and after a little bit of a question over whether or not Season 2 would actually be coming, SurrealEstate was renewed for another round of haunted house hunting. 

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That second season was originally set to premiere on SYFY sometime this summer, but on Monday the network revealed that things have shifted slightly, and the Season 2 return will now arrive this fall, when the leaves start to turn and Halloween approaches. It's appropriate, really, even if it does mean we have to wait a little longer. 

Thankfully, while we don't have a full trailer yet, the announcement did come with a fresh chunk of footage.

New SurrealEstate footage accompanies fall premiere announcement

Created by George R. OlsonSurrealEstate follows the exploits of Luke Roman (Rozon), a realtor with the uncanny ability to reach out and contact ghosts. This makes him an expert in dealing with haunted houses, which is why properties that go bump in the night have become a specialty for his agency and his team of specialists, as they work not just to sell the haunted houses, but to cleanse them and make them habitable. In Season 1, that led to the Roman team getting in over their heads with the dangerously haunted Donovan House, a home packed with what turned out to be very personal revelations for Luke. 

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By the time Season 1 ended, the show revealed that the process of cleansing the Donovan House had somehow left Luke without his ability to communicate with the dead, seemingly robbing him of the gift that made his work possible. So, what happens next? We'll find out this fall!