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NBC's 'The Endgame': Val & Anthony make an explosive discovery in sneak peek at penultimate episode

Val's faith in job and country are tested when a shocking revelation rocks the nation.

By Josh Weiss
Exclusive Clip: The Endgame Season 1, Episode 9 – “Beauty and the Beast”

The future of American democracy hangs in the very balance in tonight's penultimate installment of NBC's The Endgame. SYFY WIRE is excited to share an exclusive clip from Episode 9 (entitled "Beauty and the Beast"), which informs the audience that the President of the United States is "a criminal" with "unchecked power," who can do whatever they please without consequences. Scary thought.

If FBI agents Val Turner (Ryan Michelle Bathé) and Anthony Flowers (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) can't put POTUS behind bars, they'll be facing some serious jail time themselves. Their only course of action is to question a source of information (referred to as "The Skeptic") referred to them by arms dealer Elena Federova (Morena Baccarin). There's just one little problem...The Skeptic's apartment is on fire.

“I think the best part, for me, of the show is the how smart Val has to be,” Bathé said during an interview with The Wrap last month. “And the trick of it for me — or the fun of it, because this is the challenge — is how do I arrive at those things without it seeming that I’m just clairvoyant, right? Because it happens so fast. Everything happens so fast in the show, and Val has to put [it] together, and I, Ryan, my brain has to work like that, and work that fast, and put these things together.”

The actress continued: “The more I play her, the more I realized that it’s a skill set. And it’s how people in the CIA, and how their neurons have been fired to work. There are people who really do work at that speed, and that level, and that way, solving these puzzles and these riddles in real time, in real life. And that’s actually been, I think of all of the things, that’s been the best part."

The Endgame is written, showrun, and executive produced by Nicholas Wootton (NYPD Blue, Stumptown). Jake Coburn (Arrow), Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries), Emily Cummins (Vampire Academy), Andrew Schneider (Warrior), and Justin Lin are also executive producers. Lin — who has helmed the most installments of the Fast & Furious franchise — directed the pilot episode. 

Costa Ronin, Kamal Bolden, Noah Bean, and Mark Damon Espinoza star alongside Bathé, Johnson-Hinds, and Baccarin.

Tonight's episode of The Endgame premieres on NBC at 10 p.m. ET. The finale is scheduled to drop the following Monday (May 2) at the same time.