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WIRE Buzz: Netflix axes V-Wars, October Faction; The CW dates returning shows; more

By James Comtois
October Faction Netflix

We hate to kick off this edition of SYFY’s WIRE Buzz with some bad entertainment news, but we might as well rip off the Band-Aid as quickly as possible: Netflix has driven a stake into the heart of V-Wars and slain October Faction. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming giant will not be renewing the two shows from IDW Entertainment for second seasons. 

Created by showrunners William Laurin and Glenn Davis, V-Wars centers on Dr. Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder) as he contends with a virus that transformed humans into bloodthirsty vampires. As more people are transformed, the world is plunged into a deadly conflict between humans and vampires. Seemingly immune to the disease, Swann must fight his best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), who has become a leader of the vampires.

October Faction, meanwhile, tells the story of how Geoff and Viv Allan (Gabriel Darku and Aurora Burghart) discover that their seemingly mild-mannered parents are in fact part of an ancient society of monster hunters. Creator/showrunner Damian Kindler described the series to SYFY WIRE as “Ozark meets Stephen King.”

V-Wars and October Faction join other dramas that Netflix dumped after just one season including Messiah and Daybreak.

So, farewell, you valiant genre shows; we hardly knew ye. At least Locke & Key, Netflix’s other drama series from IDW, has been renewed for a sophomore season.

On some brighter news, The CW has recently announced when a number of its shows, including The Flash and Riverdale, will be airing new episodes. After pushing back the premiere date of Stargirl by one week and putting many of its shows on hold, the network has revealed when we can expect to see new adventures featuring Barry and his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs and Riverdale’s favorite redhead. 

Fans get to return to Riverdale on Wednesday, Apr. 15 at 8 p.m. ET, while Barry & the rest of The Flash gang will return to the network on Apr. 21 at 8 p.m. ET. Batwoman and Supergirl both return Apr. 26, at 8 and 9 p.m. ET, respectively.

In fact, the network has provided a handy card to let you know when all of your favorite CW shows will be returning: 

CW show returns

And the timing could not be better, since, we don’t know if you heard, but we’re not getting any more V-Wars or October Faction! 

And finally, one unintended positive side effect from having to stay in during the coronavirus epidemic (besides this one…and this one...and also, yes, this one as well) is that we’ve been given a Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion! And no, we’re not talking about the semi-official one we just finished watching. 

Sunday was Marina Sirtis’ (aka Deanna Troi’s) birthday, and neither she nor her fellow TNG castmates were going to let COVID-19 get in the way. So, in keeping with the show’s ongoing theme of embracing the future with hope and optimism, the cast used modern technology to hold a Zoom party for their former co-worker. 

“I have the best friends in the world” Sirtis wrote via Twitter, showing a picture of her and her co-stars. “Considering everything, this was the best birthday present. #TNGRules.”

In addition to Sirtis, the group included Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, and Wil Wheaton.

Frakes, aka William Riker, also took to social media to reveal the makeshift reunion... did co-star McFadden, who played Dr. Beverly Crusher. “[D]ifferent shot, but same amazing group,” wrote McFadden. “What a blast it was to chat away....and laugh. felt so good.

In addition to starring in TNG and its follow-up films, Sirtis, Frakes, and Spiner also made guest appearances in Star Trek: Picard, which starred Stewart.

This story presents some humorous responses to coronavirus, but COVID-19 is very real! Please exercise caution out there: wash those hands, stay at home, and practice social distancing. For extensive information on how to keep you and your loved ones safe, check out the CDC’s coronavirus website.