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'War of the Worlds' brings the fight to the aliens in Season 2 trailer for Epix's modern retelling

By Josh Weiss

War is hell, and it's coming for the aliens in Season 2 of Epix's modern day twist on War of the Worlds. But are they actually aliens? According to the synopsis for the show's sophomore outing, the remaining survivors are left wondering if the menace from beyond the stars is actually... human. What a twist! This "sparks a tense fight to take back the planet" and "for some, the sheer desperation to survive will lead them to contemplate sacrificing one of their own." That someone could be Emily Gresham (Daisy Edgar-Jones), who discovered at the end of Season 1 that she may have a personal connection to the aliens.

It's definitely a new take on the classic H.G. Wells novel of the same name, which clearly established them as malevolent Martians. That said, the tale has been so many times over the decades, it only makes sense that creator/executive producer, Howard Overman (Misfits) would take the property in an unexpected direction. "It's a fresh look at it," cast member Natasha Little (Sarah Gresham) said last year during an interview with HeyUGuys. "It's certainly not an adaptation of the book. It sort of uses that as a springboard."

Watch the Season 2 trailer now:

During that same chat with HeyUGuys, Edgar-Jones gave her thoughts on why setting the story in modern day Europe was so appealing to her. "One of the more interesting things I thought we explored was our relationship with technology and our dependency on it," she said. "We've grown so used to being able to solve things at the touch of our phones or to communicate that way and to travel using airplanes and all of that. And so, I think it's interesting to explore what it would be like if suddenly, that technology wasn't available to us and we have to navigate the world using other tools ... And that's why the modern adaptation is interesting."

Gabriel Byrne, Léa Drucker, Stéphane Caillard, Adel Bencherif, Ty Tennant, Stephen Campbell Moore, Bayo Gbadamosi, Aaron Heffernan, and Emilie de Preissac co-star. Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps executive-produce alongside Overman for Urban Myth Films.

Enjoy some out-of-this-world key art:

War of the Worlds Season 2 key art

War of the Worlds re-invades Epix for its second season Sunday, June 6 at 9 p.m. EST. Invade the gallery below for a slew of first look production stills.