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The Boys final trailer breakdown


Superheroes can do no wrong … right?

Upcoming Amazon series The Boys proves that super-stereotype wrong, with “heroes” who are anything but heroic. Think junkies, murderers, and debaucherous fiends. No wonder there’s a vigilante group that wants to take them down. The Boys are not perfect themselves, but definitely the better of two evils, as we see hints of in the recently released final trailer.

Now, SYFY WIRE’s Caitlin Busch is here to dissect the trailer, particularly for anyone who hasn’t read Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's source comic, or who just can’t wait to see Karl Urban being all badass.

What do you do when you’re holding hands with the love of your life at one moment and the next you’re literally holding just the hands? This is what happens to Huey (Jack Quaid) when lightning-fast superhero A-Train (Jesse Usher) bolts past him and bulldozes (most of) his girlfriend’s body in the process. Superheroes in this world don’t care about collateral damage; so long as they look shiny in the deluded eyes of the media, everything is golden.

Enter Billy Butcher (Urban), who hates these hypocritical “supes” with a passion. He leads the underground band of vigilantes otherwise known as the Boys. Huey fills the one remaining spot, and soon finds himself going after some seriously sordid supes.

But ... things get complicated when Huey has a chance meeting with Starlight, a new member of super group the Seven, who struggles with how the media wants her portrayed versus what she really is. Huey thinks she could be an asset to the Boys, but Billy is suspicious. It doesn't help that Huey starts to fall for her, either.

This isn’t a showdown pitting good guys against bad guys. It’s really just bad against less bad, villains facing antiheroes. It might also be the only time you want to actually slap a superhero in the face, especially the Seven's leader, Homelander, a smug lowlife in a cape with a grin that just screams “can’t touch this.”

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.