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How Has Chucky's Appearance Changed Over The Years? From Child's Play To Modern Day

Chucky is the most recognizable murderous doll in the business, but that doesn't mean his look has never changed.

By Tyler McCarthy
Chucky Season 3 Coming October 4

There is perhaps no more iconic-looking killer doll than Chucky with his red hair, overalls, and piercing blue eyes. Even those who haven’t seen his self-titled TV show or the Child’s Play movies can tell you what the murderous horror icon looks like. However, despite being so recognizable, some may have noticed that his look has changed quite a bit over the years. 

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With Chucky returning for Season 3 on USA Network and SYFY, newcomers may be asking themselves why they’ve sometimes seen him with short hair or scars on his face. Well, fear not (maybe a little, it’s Chucky after all), we’re here to break down the character's many looks from over the years. 

The Original "Good Guy" 

Without getting too deep into his backstory, the first thing everyone needs to know is that serial killer and voodoo practitioner Charles Lee Ray was mortally wounded in a shootout with police at a toy store and used his last moments to transfer his soul into a Good Guy doll — that season’s hottest kid’s toy. 

The doll had red hair, overalls, and a colorful sweater, not to mention some sweet, sweet red-and-white kicks. While it’s nothing close to what Ray sported in real life (a smart suit and long jacket), the new look allowed him to maneuver through life preying on very unsuspecting victims.

No one suspects the Good Guy. He's your friend 'til the end!

However, he quickly began to look different from the average Good Guy doll off the line. In Child's Play, he meets with his voodoo mentor who informs him that the longer he spends inside the doll’s body, the more mortal it becomes. Cuts bleed, scars stay, and bruises take time to heal, thus hurting his disguise. The only way to get a real body again is to transfer his soul to the first person he revealed his true identity to. 

So, Chucky spends two movies trying to transfer his soul into young Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) but fails. First Andy burns and dismembers him (with help; he's six after all). When very stupid corporate stooges put Chucky put back together, Andy melts him. Don't mess with this kid!

The Third Time Is Not The Charm – Child's Play 3, Bride & Seed

Chucky comes back looking like a typical Good Guy doll once more in Child’s Play 3. This time Andy is all grown up and in a military academy. However, because Chucky was reborn out of just a drop of blood and all new materials, it seems he’s able to reveal his identity to a new youngster, Ronald Tyler. 

Fortunately, Andy isn’t done fighting. In a thrilling climax inside of a haunted house amusement park ride, Andy and Ronald throw Chucky into an industrial fan, dismembering him once again. Unfortunately for them and the rest of the world … You can’t keep a Good Guy down. 

Ray's ex, Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly), chooses this moment to re-enter Chucky’s life. She finds his broken pieces and crudely stitches them back together. However, she’s a murderer, not a toymaker, so he's a bit patchy to say the least. After a few tips from her copy of “Voodoo For Dummies,” Chucky is back in Bride of Chucky. This time, though, his body is a little worse for the ware. 

He spends the movie with scars on his face before both he and Tiffany, who is now a doll (another story for another day), are defeated once more. Chucky returns with his scarred look in Seed of Chucky where he meets his and Tiffany’s kids Glen/Glenda. Once again he gets dismembered and decides it’s time for an aesthetic change of pace. 

The Babyface Is Back – Curse of Chucky

In Curse of Chucky, Ray is back. This time he doesn’t have the scars, but he does look noticeably different. His hair is a little longer and … Let’s be honest, he’s gained some weight on his face. Turns out it's a clever ruse. 

In a dramatic moment, it’s revealed that Chucky put on some makeup to hide his facial scars. He’s still the same killer doll that was put through an industrial fan and sewed back together. After killing most of his targets with brutal efficiency, things take a bad turn for Chucky when he sends himself to young Andy to finish what he started. Surprisingly, Andy is ready and nails him right in the face with a shotgun blast.

With that, Chucky is no more … 

Nah, we're just kidding. He’s fine!

More Where That Came From – Cult of Chucky

This brings us to Cult of Chucky where we find Andy has his nemesis' severed head locked up with half of it missing from the shotgun blast. He thinks if he keeps Chucky prisoner, he doesn’t have to worry about him reemerging every few years for a killing spree, right? 

Wrong again, Andy. 

It is revealed that, before his killing spree in Curse of Chucky, he and Tiffany found a way to split Ray's soul into multiple vessels provided they’re the same. While that doesn’t come up much among human voodoo practitioners, there are literally thousands of identical Good Guy dolls out there. Sure they’re a little “retro” at this point, but they’re out there. 

Chucky uses them to attack a mental institution where a previous victim, Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif), is being held after the events of Curse Of Chucky. One is missing an arm, one has short hair, and one looks completely fine. In short, there are a lot of different looks Chucky can have now while still maintaining the traditional “Good Guy” doll look whenever he wants to. It’s all a matter of splitting his soul into a new doll. 

Gone are the days when a scar means he can’t hide in plain sight anymore. If it’s a Good Guy doll … it’s probably Chucky. This is a lesson the kids of Hackensack, New Jersey, learn firsthand when they encounter Chucky in Season 1 of his TV show.

Chucky Season 2: Colonel Chucky, Hulk Chucky & More

With his soul split among multiple Good Guy dolls, Season 2 saw Chucky take revenge on the trio of youngsters who got in his way. This resulted in some of the most unique versions of Chucky yet. There was Colonel Chucky, a PTSD-ridden, Vietnam War vet-stylized version of Chucky with a penchant for tearing the other Chuckys apart to litter their corpses around his creepy AF torture cabin in the woods. (He also had a taste for human flesh; specifically, for Andy Barclay's flesh.)

Then there was Hulk Chucky, who made up for his lack of brains with an impressive amount of brawn and poppin' pecs.

Good Chucky had a sweeter face that soon grew nasty, resulting in a Hannibal Lecter reference for the ages.

And then there was Christmas Chucky. When he wasn't donning a Santa hat to cleave the mayor in two with a chainsaw, he was curled up by the fire in his festive narrator outfit.

Cut his hair, change his clothes, mutilate him, or make him blonde. All you’ll do is upset the soul of Charles Lee Ray that lives within...

Chucky Season 3 premieres on October 4 on USA Network and SYFY. Meanwhile, you can stream all of Season 1 and 2 on Peacock now. 

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