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What Happens if You Call the Number from the Chucky Season 3 Finale?

Chucky's up to some new tricks now that Season 3 has come to an end, so what happens when you play his game?

By Matthew Jackson

And just like that, Chucky Season 3 is done. It feels like we just got our favorite murderous doll back, and we've already said goodbye after another round of mayhem-packed episodes. But just because Season 3 is over doesn't mean Chucky is done.

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Chucky always comes back... and this time, you can help. 

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At the end of the Season 3 finale, which saw Chucky's (Brad Dourif) adventures in the White House wrap up in truly insane fashion, Chucky himself appeared to viewers and implored fans everywhere to vote him in for a "fourth term," meaning yet another season of the hit series created by Chucky mastermind Don Mancini. So, how do you support this "fourth term"? Well, there's a phone number flashing on the screen -- 1-666-1BAD-DOLL -- but as you may have noticed, there are too many digits in that number to make it connect. 

Fortunately, Mancini cleared things up after the finale aired, sharing another phone number and urging fans to call in support of a fourth season. The real number is 1-201-500-3347.

So, what happens if you call that number? Well, you're connected to a phone in New Jersey (naturally) and hear Chucky himself offering these words:

"Thank you for calling Chucky and pledging your support. Now, hang up and text me. What kind of a d***wad calls people? Text 'Chuck With Me' to this number, and get a surprise."

The "surprise" waiting for fans when you text the number is another message from Chucky himself, and a link to join a Chucky community where you'll get regular text updates from your friend 'til the end. Presumably the eyes on all of these digital activities may have a hand in helping Chucky get a Season 4, which Mancini already has an idea for. So, if you want a fourth season, call, text, do whatever you have to do to keep Chucky on the air.

Created by Mancini in the 1980s, Chucky debuted in the 1988 slasher classic Child's Play, and has endured for the last 36 years, evolving over the course of six sequels, one remake, and finally, a hit SYFY horror-comedy series.

If you're still not caught up on all of Chucky's small-screen antics, you can catch up with the show over on Peacock.