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WonderCon 2024: Don Mancini Might Hold Contest for Fans to Decide How Chucky Will Kill Devon Sawa

President Collins is headed for an early grave — no question about it.

By Josh Weiss

When we last left the world of SYFY and USA Network's Chucky TV show, the President of the United States was still alive and kicking. But given the fact that the character is played by Devon Sawa, most of us know the leader of the free world won't make it to the end of Season 3 (returning for its second half April 10). That's just part of the small screen tradition series creator/showrunner Don Mancini has established these past few years: Mr. Sawa is killed off and then resurrected as a brand-new persona in the following season.

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"Don comes up with these amazing, exciting ways for me to die and I do it," the actor, who has absolutely no say in the matter, explained during Chucky panel at the San Diego-based WonderCon this past weekend. "But you never know, I might not die this year."

Yeah...right. In your dreams, Mr. President.

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Don Mancini Might Let Fans Vote on Devon Sawa's Chucky Fate

To be fair, if anyone has a chance of surviving the killer doll voiced by Brad Dourif, it's one of the most protected individuals on the planet. Now with that said, there's no question President James Collins is headed for an early grave. In fact, the fate of the whole world might be at stake, now that Chucky has his sights set on America's nuclear arsenal. The only two things scientifically known to be able to survive a nuclear holocaust are cockroaches and Good Guy dolls possessed by voodoo-practicing serial killers.

In any case, the fictional president's days are definitely numbered and while the back half of Season 3 has already been filmed, Mancini isn't opposed to leaving the actor's fate up to fans in future. "We should have a contest where people vote on suggestions of how you would like to see Chucky kill Devon Sawa," he proposed, eliciting several oohs of excitement from the audience.

The showrunner also touched on the major news announcement that he's currently in the early stages of developing a new Chucky-centric movie. "I think of it as a sandcastle, that is the Chucky-Verse," he explained. "We want to continue doing the show, but I want to do movies as well. The idea is that they would work in tandem with one another, so people in the show may [appear] in the movie and vice versa."

When Does Season 3 of Chucky Return?

Chucky returns to SYFY and USA Network for the latter half of its third season Wednesday, April 10 at 10 p.m. ET.