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Devon Sawa Says Chucky Creator Don Mancini Was "Very Excited" About His Character's Season 3 Death

Season 3 of Chucky returns to SYFY and USA Network April 10 at 10 p.m. ET.

By Josh Weiss

The only certainties in life are taxes and the death of whatever character Devon Sawa is playing on the Chucky TV series.

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With the critically-acclaimed show returning to SYFY and USA Network April 10 for the latter half of its third season, Mr. Sawa recently caught up with ComicBook to discuss the inevitable demise of President James Collins and the sadistic pleasure creator/showrunner Don Mancini (also longtime curator of the Child's Play franchise) derives from killing the actor off season after season.

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Devon Sawa Talks His Fictional Death in Season 3 of Chucky

James Collins (Devon Sawa) appears distressed as Chucky in a white mask and hat look at him in Chucky 304.

"Don gets so much joy out of coming up with these deaths," Sawa said. "I remember him, he had a random idea. There was a different idea for Season 3 before it became the White House, and I remember him running up to me with this idea of how I was going to die in it. He's like, 'I came up with a really good idea of how you die in Season 3.' And he told me, and he looked legitimately very excited about this death and how he was going to kill me. So I give him that joy. I don't suggest anything. I let him think about how he's going to kill me."

Someone get a Bible ready because the vice president is about to become the most powerful politician on Earth — unless, of course, Charles Lee Ray gets to the nukes first and ends civilization as we know it. That's always a possibility when you've got a sociopathic doll running around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

When Does Season 3 of Chucky Return?

Chucky returns to SYFY and USA Network for the latter half of its third season April 10 at 10 p.m. ET. The third season currently holds a perfect score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus reading: "Chucky takes Washington and ought to earn every horror fan's vote with this raucous third round of mayhem."