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Why Resident Alien Featured an “In Memory” Honor For Kenny Frost in the Season 3 Finale

The details for how Kenny Frost contributed to SYFY's Resident Alien.

By Trent Moore

The Season 3 finale of SYFY’s hit sci-fi series Resident Alien ended with one wild cliffhanger featuring everyone’s favorite alien Harry — but it also featured a remembrance to someone who meant quite a lot to the crew who bring the beloved comedy to life.

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A man who played a key role behind the scenes of making sure the show was as authentic as possible sadly passed away, so series creator Chris Sheridan and the production crew used the finale as an opportunity to honor him.

Why Resident Alien Featured an “In Memory of Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Frost” Card

Kenneth “Kenny” Frost was a member of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and worked with the Resident Alien production team as a consultant on the first three seasons of the SYFY series. Frost sadly passed away, which led the production crew to include the note at the end of the episode in his memory to commemorate his contributions.

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“Kenny was instrumental in helping us with authentic depictions of Southern Ute culture, ceremonies and traditions that we used in the show,” Sheridan told SYFY WIRE. “We even tried to get him onto the show as an actor for Season 2 but we couldn’t get the timing to work with his schedule. Kenny was so incredibly helpful to all of us, and such a kind, gentle wonderful man. We all miss him terribly.”

The eight-episode third season recently wrapped on SYFY, featuring plenty of twists and reveals as Harry and the gang make a trek all the way to a Grey alien ship. You can catch up on the full series run on Peacock.