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WIRE Buzz: Halloween Kills wraps; Daddario takes to the skies with Airborne; more

By Josh Weiss
Anthony Michael Hall

Director David Gordon Green has wrapped principal photography on Halloween Kills, the sequel to his soft reboot of the Michael Myers-centric franchise last fall. To celebrate the end of filming, one of the official Instagram accounts for Halloween gave fans their first glimpse of Anthony Michael Hall as an adult version of Tommy Doyle (originally portrayed by Brian Andrews), the young boy Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) was babysitting for in the 1978 flick that started it all.

A grown-up Tommy did appear in 1995's The Curse of Michael Myers, where he was played by Paul Rudd in one of the actor's initial big screen roles. Since the new Halloween continuity ignores all of the entries after the first one, the Ant-Man version of Tommy Doyle no longer exists. 

While Hall hasn't appeared in the series before, he is flanked by two seasoned alums from the '78 movie: Kyle Richards' Lindsey Wallace (back right) and Nancy Stephen's Nurse Marion Chambers (back left).

Like Tommy, Lindsey was another kid who required babysitting, while Marion was the nurse from Smith's Grove Sanitarium who had her car stolen by Michael. In the immediate follow-up—1981's Halloween II—she was also the character who revealed that Laurie and Michael were siblings. Stephens later reprised her role in 1998's Halloween H20, only to be killed by Myers. Now that 40 years of muddled timelines have been retconned away, however, we'll get to see Nurse Chambers make her triumphant return. Who knows, maybe she'll deliver some more mind-blowing revelations about the main villain.

The Instagram post contains a second photo of what looks to be David Gordon Green lying in a hospital bed.

The last month or so has been nothing but a whirlwind of news about the upcoming slasher flick. First, we got confirmation that the franchise would be returning to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. The very next day, Jamie Lee Curtis posted a selfie from the set. And just a few weeks after that, she dropped a teaser/sizzle reel for the film on Halloween Day last Thursday.

Green co-wrote the screenplay with Danny McBride and Scott Teems. Judy Greer and Andi Matichak return to play the next generation of Strode women, Karen and Allison.

Halloween Kills slashes its way into theaters everywhere Oct. 16, 2020.

Alexandra Daddario's plane-based thriller project, Airborne, will take to international skies with some help from XYZ Films, writes Deadline.

In the movie (directed by 1922's Zak Hilditch), Daddario plays a flight attendant who must contend with a deadly pandemic during a flight. Not only does she have to quarantine the infected passengers, but she also has to try and make sure the plane lands safely.

Think Airplane! ... just without all of the jokes.

Alexandra Daddario

Daddario is known for her roles in various genre efforts like Texas Chainsaw 3D, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and True Detective.

According to Variety, Andrea Riseborough (Oblivion, Mandy, The Grudge) has been cast in Geechee, a supernatural thriller from AGC Studios.

Hoping to begin its shoot in early 2020, the film centers on "a successful New York scientist [Riseborough] who decides to leave the city with her son to start life over in the remote Sea Islands off the Atlantic coast. She quickly falls in love with the secluded island and its people, who are descendants of a centuries-old group of African slaves, but her world starts to unravel as the souls of the subjugated begin to haunt her dreams and her waking life."

Andrea Riseborough

The Gullah Geechee people do actually exist and are currently struggling to maintain their homes and culture due to factors like climate change and commercial development. As fate would have it, this unfortunate update was reported today by South Carolina Public Radio.

Dubois Ashong (Where the Water Runs) is writing and directing.

“From treatment to script, Dubois has created a terrific supernatural thriller that is only elevated by the addition of the amazing Andrea Riseborough,” producer Glendon Palmer of AGC Studios said in a statement.