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WIRE Buzz: Halloween sequel lands Anthony Michael Hall; The Boys’ action figure ad; more

By Benjamin Bullard
Anthony Michael Hall

A 1980s icon is heading to Haddonfield all grown up. Anthony Michael Hall, one of the original members of the “Brat Pack” of John Hughes film regulars from back in the day, will reportedly star opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in the upcoming Halloween sequel Halloween Kills.

Variety reports that Hall has signed on to play the full-grown adult version of Tommy Doyle, a character played in the original 1978 movie by Brian Andrews as one of the kids who had Curtis’ Laurie Strode on babysitting duty on that fateful night when Michael Myers went on his first killing spree. An older version of Doyle, played by none other than Paul Rudd, appeared again in 1995’s Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and tried (unsuccessfully, of course) to help Dr. Loomis prevent another bloodbath.

Blumhouse hasn’t revealed any details on how Hall’s Tommy Doyle will fit into the sequel. Directed by David Gordon Green and co-written by longtime Halloween scribe Danny McBride (and with creative input from John Carpenter), Halloween Kills and its followup, Halloween Ends, will be filmed back to back ahead of the two movies’ respective release dates on Oct. 16, 2020, and Oct. 15, 2021.

It appears there’s nowhere Amazon’s The Boys won’t go to cast a devilishly dark satirical shadow over the superhero tropes it’s already skewered so successfully with its debut season. Not content to stop with mass murder, blackmail, and an avalanche of shamelessly un-woke abuses from the most devious of its corrupt super Seven, the show is hilariously turning its sharp eye toward one the most sacred superhero joys of all: little kids who just wanna act out their innocent superhero fantasies with action figures. 

Tagged with an eminently apt “Morals sold separately” caveat, Amazon’s new faux action figure commercial hawks the Seven (well, technically, just the six, since Starlight’s character is “coming soon”) by playing things so straight that you almost have to have seen the show to appreciate the commercial’s biting wit. “You’re in deep trouble now!” one jubilant kid shouts, whooshing deliciously reprehensible Aquaman stand-in The Deep onto the playset — astride a dolphin, no less:

Alas, the fine print lets us down: The dolphin’s not included. That’s okay, though, because the entire thing is fake. Though we’re hoping things will change, as of now, none of these action figures is actually for sale.

Although the show already has been renewed for Season 2, the new clip is really just here to get people over to Amazon Prime to check out Season 1 of The Boys, which debuted to critical raves on July 26. Season 2 hasn’t been given a release date yet, but creators Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Eric Kripke already have hinted it’ll be even more incendiary and ambitious when it does arrive. Maybe by then we’ll be able to collect the action figures, too.

Actor Jake Abel
Aquaman director and Conjuring creator James Wan’s mysterious new horror project may not have a lot of details just yet, but the cast is definitely beginning to coalesce. Fresh off the recent news that Annabelle star Annabelle Wallis had boarded the project, Deadline now reports that Supernatural actor Jake Abel has also signed on. 

Abel, who played Adam Milligan for a brief story cycle during Season 5 of Supernatural, most recently has been seen in a walk-on role for Grey’s Anatomy. He’ll join Wallis and recently cast lead actor George Young on the project, which is operating under the working title Silvercup.

The movie is set to begin shooting this fall, with Wan producing from a story he originally came up with in collaboration with The Nun star Ingrid Bisu.