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WIRE Buzz: Live-action Rugrats taps Wimpy Kid director; Descendants 3 plots revenge; more

By Josh Weiss
Rugrats in Paris

On this auspicious Avengers: Endgame weekend, we bring you another exciting edition of WIRE Buzz.

In this roundup of genre news, we've got the latest developments on a new Rugrats movie, Descendants 3, and the dangers of revealing the outcome of the fourth Avengers film.

Nickelodeon and Paramount's upcoming live-action Rugrats film now has a director and release date, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

David Bowers, who helmed three out of the four Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies, will direct the project, which is set to use CGI babies and open in theaters January 29, 2021. Bowers is also known for directing animated films like DreamWorks' Flushed Away and Imagi's Astro Boy. David Goodman wrote the screenplay with Karen Rosenfelt producing.

In addition to the new feature, Nickelodeon is bringing the Rugrats cartoon back to television with original creators, Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó, and Paul Germain, on board as executive producers. The series, which ran from 1991 to 2004, spanned nine seasons and almost 2000 episodes that documented the adventures of a group of talking toddlers. Three films were debuted during that period: The Rugrats Movie (1998), Rugrats in Paris (2000), and Rugrats Go Wild (2003).

As THR astutely points out, this is only the latest revamp from Nickelodeon, which has two live-action movies adapted from Dora the Explorer and Are You Afraid of the Dark? arriving this year. The latter is briefly coming back to TV as well.

Hades is mad as all Hell in a new teaser for the Disney Channel's third Descendants movie, which arrives on the airwaves this summer. The revenge-fueled villain (made famous by James Woods in 1997's Hercules) is played here by Cheyenne Jackson.

Watch the new teaser below:

Here's the official synopsis for the film:

Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (BooBoo Stewart) return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. When a barrier breach jeopardizes the safety of Auradon during their departure off the Isle, Mal resolves to permanently close the barrier, fearing that nemeses Uma (China Anne McClain) and Hades (Cheyenne Jackson) will wreak vengeance on the kingdom. Despite her decision, an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon, and it's up to Mal and the VKs to save everyone in their most epic battle yet.

Descendants 3 premieres on the Disney Channel sometime in August.

A citizen of Hong Kong realized just how dangerous Avengers: Endgame spoilers can be this weekend when he stood outside of a theater shouting crucial plot points at theaters patrons about to see the film.

Per Deadline, this foolhardy individual was subsequently beat up by fans who obviously did not appreciate being spoiled for the biggest film of the summer. An image (which we will not be posting here) made its way online, depicting the man sitting on the street in Causeway Bay with a bloodied head.

After a footage leak occurred a little over a week before the movie opened in theaters, the Russo Brothers (who directed the project) released a letter urging fans not to reveal anything about the plot to other fans who want to go in fresh. Since then, the hashtag of "#DontSpoilTheEndgame" has gone viral on social media.