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WIRE Buzz: FX's Y: The Last Man nears end of pilot shoot; The Batman trailer goes 16-bit; and more

By Josh Weiss
Y The Last Man

At long last, FX's beleaguered TV adaptation of Y: The Last Man is nearing the end of production for its pilot episode. Adding to her Instagram story several hours ago, showrunner Eliza Clark confirmed that today is the second-to-last day of shooting for the debut entry into the series. The update was accompanied by a selfie of Clark wearing a face mask while on set — an image that underscores the new normal live-action Hollywood productions must endure amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. "I'm smiling under here," reads the caption.

Full-blown production on the rest of the episodes is slated to take place in 2021.

Y The Last Man Eliza Clark

Clark peeled back the curtain on Y: The Last Man's set with the following Instagram posts:

Like Stephen King's The Stand, Y: The Last Man is more relevant than ever. The Vertigo comic book series by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra takes place in a post-apocalyptic reality where a strange plague has wiped out every mammal with a Y chromosome. Along with his pet monkey named Ampersand, Yorkick Brown (the book's titular last man) travels the Earth in search of lost love and an explanation for why he was spared by the male-killing illness.

FX's upcoming translation of the source material has suffered a number of setbacks, including the loss of co-showrunners Aïda Mashaka Croal and Michael Green, as well as its leading man, Barry Keoghan. Ben Schnetzer (Warcraft) was eventually chosen as Keoghan's replacement. Ashley Romans, Olivia Thirlby, Diane Lane, Amber Tamblyn, Marin Ireland, Diana Bang, Elliot Fletcher, and Julianna Canfield will co-star.

Per comments made by Vaughn last fall, the small screen iteration will be the "version that fans deserve." Whenever it's ready to premiere, the series will debut as an FX on Hulu exclusive.

The Batman is still two years away from hitting theaters and the trailer's 25 million views on YouTube imply that it's been watched many, many times.

If you've already seen all the teaser footage on a continuous loop and are looking for more Caped Crusader goodness surrounding Matt Reeves' upcoming DC film, the great John Stratman has you covered. The animator known for taking bits of pop culture and expertly reimagining them in the style of old video games has done it again with Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne & Co.

Watch below:

Production on The Batman restarted in the U.K. in September after being shut down since March over COVID-19 concerns. Filming was barely underway when the cameras were stopped once again after Pattinson reportedly tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The shoot resumed two weeks later, with images from the set following not long after.

Written by Reeves and Mattson Tomlin (Netflix's Project Power), the film is said to explore Bruce Wayne's early days as Gotham's brooding vigilante. 

Jeffrey Wright ("Commissioner Gordon"), Zoë Kravitz ("Catwoman"), Paul Dano ("Riddler"), Colin Farrell ("Penguin") John Turturro ("Carmine Falcone"), Peter Sarsgaard ("Gotham DA Gil Colson"), Jayme Lawson (Gotham mayoral hopeful "Bella Reál"), and Andy Serkis ("Alfred Pennyworth") co-star

That Batman will now swoop into theaters March 4, 2022.

Last month, Apple TV+ announced that it had acquired the exclusive distribution rights to all things related to the Peanuts franchise. While many believed that the series' various holiday specials would not air on traditional broadcast television like they do every year, that assumption has turned out to be false. Today, Apple confirmed a deal with PBS and PBS Kids to air both the Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed Peanuts programs in the coming weeks.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will air on both PBS stations Sunday Nov. 22 at 7:30 p.m. local time, while A Charlie Brown Christmas is scheduled to air on the same stations Sunday, Dec. 13 at 7:30 p.m. local time.

In addition, both specials will be available for free to stream without ads on Apple TV+ for a limited period of time. The Thanksgiving one (now available to stream with a subscription) will be free to watch between Nov. 25 - 27. The Christmas one becomes available for subscribers Friday Dec. 4 before it becomes free between Dec. 11 - 13.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
A Charlie Brown Christmas

Working with Worldwide Peanuts and Lee Mendelson Film Productions, Apple is working on new Peanuts content, including specials centered around Mother’s Day, Earth Day, New Year’s Eve.