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SYFY WIRE Wonder Woman

Exclusive: Diana is a tween Princess of the Amazons in new graphic novel trailer

By Jacob Oller
Diana: Princess of the Amazons trailer image

With Wonder Woman 1984 recently blowing minds with its first trailer, reminding DC fans why Diana Prince is one of the best characters in all of comics, genre fans may want to reinvest in her backstory. Now even the youngest would-be Amazonians have a chance to get involved thanks to Diana: Princess of the Amazons. The middle grade graphic novel from co-authors Shannon and Dean Hale (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) and artist Victoria Ying (Moana, Frozen), tells the story of Diana before she became Wonder Woman — and this new trailer gives fans a first look at the preteen angst of a future superhero.

The book will be DC's first standalone for the heroine at this age range, and reimagines Diana as a 'tween testing her limits. Not hard to imagine when comic fans remember that Diana is the only child on all of Themyscira. The rest of her life is grown women used to taking names and kicking tail, which can be frustrating for an 11-year-old looking to follow suit.

Now SYFY WIRE can exclusively debut a first look at how the young heroine copes in Diana: Princess of the Amazons' first trailer below:

Fans that want a more in-depth sneak peek can also read a dozen pages from SYFY WIRE's exclusive sneak peek inside the book:

"I was so excited to write about young Wonder Woman," Shannon Hale tells SYFY WIRE. "I always wondered what it would feel like for young Diana to grow up as the only child in her world. How extraordinary — but also potentially lonely. We started from there and got to explore who Wonder Woman was as a child, and challenge her with an adventure that would help shape who she would become."

Failure, puberty, and a scolding from Queen Hippolyta would make anyone feel worthless, lonely, and in need of a peer. So Diana looks for a friend, and creates Mona. What could go wrong? Well... a lot. Diana, in her quest for companionship, is following her own origin story: crafting life from clay.

That's plenty of responsibility for a kid. But everyone involved still treasures the protagonist, despite her foibles. Dean Hale explained that Wonder Woman may have always had a special place in his heart, "but Diana has been one of my favorite heroes, full stop, super or not."

"To have the opportunity to tell a story in her formative years," he tells SYFY WIRE, "to provide one of the many story 'ingredients' that combine to make her the hero she becomes was an incredible honor."

"It was a real treat to explore Diana as a child," adds Ying. "I had a blast drawing her. I felt like I got to be her friend too."

Diana: Princess of the Amazons hits stores on Jan. 7, and can be pre-ordered here.