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'Supe-Aid' recommended! Get a look inside The Boys' exclusive Planet Vought Experience in Hollywood

By Tara Bennett
Amazon Prime Video The Boys Planet Vought Experience

If you're located in Southern California and jumped on our signal boost about the free tickets available for The Boys themed pop-up June 4 - 6 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, you're in for a fun time. If you're not, don't fret, you can still get a good look inside, because SYFY WIRE mingled amongst the Vought-lovers and Butcher's Boys first-hand today at the Amazon Prime Video Planet Vought Experience. 

Though we know The Boys Season 3 is expected to drop on the streamer sometime in 2021, we still don't know when exactly. So this activation is one of the unique ways that Amazon is keeping the series in the hearts and minds of audiences. Because not everyone all over the country can be part of the fun, SYFY WIRE is bringing you a walk-through of the whole event. 

**SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers below for the Amazon Prime Video Planet Vought Experience. If you have tickets and want to be surprised, stop reading now!**

Amazon Prime Video The Boys Planet Vought Experience

A drive-in only event, each car is welcomed by a variety of hard core Vought stans. From PR reps to security, the super enthusiastic event team dance and smile, creepily, until your individual meal order is taken. (One of the reps let us know on the down-low to order the Supe-Aid to take the experience to "a whole other level.")

The Boys Planet Vought Experience in Hollywood Menu

With that business done, we were guided to drive by billboards of the Seven in all their glory, as more enthusiasts asked who our favorite members were. If you didn't answer with utter appreciation for Homelander and his gang, they let you know quite clearly that was not right. Smiles got wider and scarier as they talked up the Supes with almost religious zealotry. 

The cars in pairs were ushered into an alcove where Vought welcomed everyone via video screen to the wonders of their Supes. But the message was quickly sabotaged by Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) as he gave the sycophants and the visitors an alternate message about Homelander and his cronies. 

Another wide door was opened and the sunlight revealed the Planet Vought playground destroyed by Butcher and his allies.

The Boys Planet Vought Experience in Hollywood 

A slow driving tour revealed the traumatized staff, from mechanics to balloon artists, picking up the ravaged pieces of the once pristine showgrounds. Bloody, limping, and scared, the actors all gave a pitch perfect, in-world immersion for the carloads until everyone was guided to their fixed parking lot where lunch was served. Along with some tasty food, everyone received a double-sized magazine that covers the Vought perspective and The Boys perspective. And, they might have handed everyone a vial of Compound V to get their own "boost" (it's sugar water, so don't panic). 

The Boys Planet Vought Experience in Hollywood

For a step-by-step visual slideshow, check out below for the progression of events as they happened...

(Photo credit: Paul Terry)