Meredith Alloway's "Ride"
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Meredith Alloway's "Ride" / Hulu

Huluween's horror short-film fest features time travel, guitar weirdos, and a spin class from hell

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Oct 4, 2019, 3:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Hulu has once again launched its annual Huluween horror film short contest, in which the winner gets $50K toward their feature film project for getting the most online engagement for their entries.

This year's competitors include Jennifer Reeder's creepy beach date The Dunes, Calvin Reeder's guitar weirdo The Ripper, Nicole Perlman's time-travel terror Undo, Joshua Erkman's ghost photo story Hidden Mother, and Meredith Alloway's spin-class-from-hell story Ride. We've also got scares for the social media age, with Chelsea Lupkin's Flagged and Elaine Mongeon's Swiped to Death.

Here is your Huluween Film Fest playlist:

The Dunes, directed by Jennifer Reeder.

"The Dunes" by Jennifer Reeder / Hulu


Flagged, directed by Chelsea Lupkin.

Chelsea Lupkin's "Flagged" / Hulu


Hidden Mother, directed by Joshua Erkman.

Joshua Erkman's "Hidden Mother" / Hulu 


Ride, directed by Meredith Alloway.

Meredith Alloway's "Ride" / Hulu 


The Ripper, directed by Calvin Reeder.

Calvin Reeder's "The Ripper" / Hulu


Swiped To Death, directed by Elaine Mongeon.

Elaine Mongeon's "Swiped To Death" / Hulu


Undo, directed by Nicole Perlman.

Nicole Perlman's "Undo" / Hulu