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Alpha has a chilling secret in new Walking Dead teaser

By Elizabeth Rayne
Alpha from The Walking Dead Season 9

If you’ve already been having repeat nightmares because of Alpha (Samantha Morton), who has already shown no bones about carving herself a mask of human skin Hannibal-style, you may or may not want to know what kind of intel she wants the rest of the Whisperers to keep quiet about.

The Walking Dead has released a new teaser clip that may make you wonder what exactly is going on in Alpha’s deranged psyche. You might have to watch it a few times to realize exactly whose POV this is from, and the more you pay attention, the more apparent it becomes that you are looking through the eyeholes of her skin mask without permission.

Alpha appears to be stalking Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and the rest of the main band of zombie apocalypse survivalists who have just barely made it through Season 9 so far, but why? Is this an ambush scheme or just gathering intel? Does the recon she’s doing have anything to do with reason she holds up a finger to her lips in an ominous “shhhhhh”?

Even if you had Walking Dead fatigue by Season 9, the second half of that season unearthed the Whisperers—a group of humans who are very alive but shamble around in masks made out of dead people’s faces so they can take down walkers without being suspected. You can only imagine what kind of person it takes to sneak around wearing putrefying flesh.

The Whisperers even creep out the group that has been stalking, shooting, and bashing in zombies since we first saw that door spray-painted with Don’t Open: Dead Inside. People stalking the undead by disguising themselves as the enemy might seem like the ultimate ally. But.

In a world where motives are twisted and unthinkable terrors are the new normal, what kind of threat will the Whisperers turn out to be? Find out for real on Feb. 10 when The Walking Dead returns to AMC. But in the meantime, use this latest teaser to fuel your own gruesome fan theories.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)