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HBO's sci-fi comedy 'Avenue 5' is a deep space pleasure cruise in first trailer

By Jacob Oller
Avenue 5 ship screenshot

Veep may have come to a close but its creator is still slinging slurs on HBO — Armando Iannucci is now taking his virtuosic profanity to space. Avenue 5 stars Veep alum Hugh Laurie as Captain Ryan Clark, head of a spacebound pleasure cruise who has to take charge when disaster strikes. His rich, snobby passengers and his no-nonsense crew hilariously clash in the show’s first trailer.

Think Veep meets Galaxy Quest with a heaping helping of The Poseidon Adventure or Titanic thrown in for good measure. Basically, things are going all wrong and the F-bombs are only outweighed by the Star Trek references.

Check it out:

Avenue 5 (2019): Official Teaser | HBO

Josh Gad (seen here in full spoiled 1% mode here), Zach Woods, Nikki Amuka, Rebecca Front, Lenora Crichlow, Suzy Nakamura, and Ethan Phillips join Laurie on this journey aboard the Avenue 5. A journey where, if the phasers aren’t set for “fun” like the trailer says, it’ll at least make a mean joke about it.

Avenue 5 launches HBO into the stars this Jan.