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SYFY WIRE Batwoman

Here's our best look yet at Batman's Batsuit from The CW's Batwoman

By Benjamin Bullard
Ruby Rose as Batwoman on The CW

Kate Kane’s Caped-Crusading cousin may have a superhero outfit that’s “literal perfection,” but until now, we only had the darkest of glimpses of why Luke Fox seems so proud of his next-generation Batsuit handiwork in the upcoming Batwoman. Thanks to the artist behind Batman’s newest getup, though, we’re finally getting to see it in a much better light.

A “speechless” Andy Poon, the concept artist behind Batwoman’s version of the iconic Batsuit, posted a pair of fresh photos from the set to his Instagram account, marveling at how the streamlined, appropriately knightly-looking take on his vision turned out in real life. Taken straight from the Batcave while the sun was shining bright, you can make out new details, especially around the torso and neck, that The CW’s earlier reveal left lurking in the shadows:

There’s a definite difference between Poon’s less-fussy creation and the tech-y, gadget-laden Batsuit we’ve come to know and adore from Christian Bale’s Batman trilogy movie days. But unless and until The CW pulls a Supergirl-style reveal for Batwoman’s male counterpart, we’ll go ahead and take Kate’s word that the truly perfect Batsuit — at least on this show — is the one that “fits a woman.”

Thanks to The CW’s teaser reveal last month, we’ve already gotten a decent look at the red-and-black, super-caped-up body armor Kate (Ruby Rose) will be sporting, and the official trailer makes it clear it’s a suit designed for serious butt-kicking. And if Bruce Wayne does decide to show up on Batwoman to lend his fam a crime-fighting hand, at least he’ll have something cool to step right into — even if Kate has no intention of letting him steal the spotlight.

The CW hasn’t yet said when Batwoman will premiere this fall, but when it does, it’ll be arriving in the 8 p.m. ET time slot each girl-powered Sunday, as the lead in to Season 5 of Supergirl