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SYFY WIRE Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina's in the middle of a dark love triangle in music video for Chilling Adventures Part 2

By Benjamin Bullard
Sabrina Spellman in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix’s new, lo-fi-on-purpose clip for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 just oozes a cool, homemade, bored-kids-with-a-camera aesthetic, and it does it while putting Ms. Spellman squarely in the middle of everyone’s affections — even if their motives might be a little less than pure. 

Don’t expect big Part 2 plot spoilers here — just one of the great things about being a teenage witch: the teenager part. The new clip seems to vibe with the easy sense that the good guys in Sabrina’s witchy world are the ones whose default setting is fun — instead of the ones who sit alone and run their fingers together while bitterly plotting someone else’s demise (we’re looking at you, Madam Satan). Maybe not though...

Netflix touts the clip with no extra fanfare as “A film by Christian Coppola,” who’s a distant relative of cinema icon Francis Ford Coppola and up-an-coming filmmaker. If his goal is an ‘80s-vibed mashup of gloom and glam, we’d say he’s off to a nice start.

Low budget, a little creepy, and somehow kinda sexy, all mixed together: Sounds about right for an Archie Horror show, right? Netflix is definitely playing up Part 2’s romantic angle from both sides of the supernatural fence, teasing in the vid's description, “Our BFF Kiernan Shipka's got these boys, Ross Lynch [Harvey Kinkle, the mere mortal] and Gavin Leatherwood [student warlock Nicholas Scratch], wrapped around her finger.”

We’ve already been teased with a glimpse of the Dark Lord in an earlier trailer, which showed that, just like last season, Sabrina’s cool with flouting her dearest traditional ties if it’s for the greater good — even if it means burning down the entire Academy of the Unseen Arts. And just last week, Netflix also spilled a whole blackly suggestive cauldron full of titles for the first nine episodes, which just sent our speculative minds racing even more.

All that’s left to do now is re-binge Season 1 and then wait: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns for its sophomore season at Netflix on Apr. 5.