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Chosen One of the Day: Jason Momoa's Oscars scrunchie

By Jessica Toomer
Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

The Oscars were this past Sunday and while the world was fawning over an adorable acceptance speech by Olivia Colman, geeking out over Black Panther wins, and sipping on Spike Lee’s tea when Green Book somehow won Best Picture, we here at FANGRRLS had more pressing issues on our minds.

Like scrunchies. 

Look, we’re all guilty of fangirling over Jason Momoa at some point. He’s a literal God, a behemoth of a man, a chunk of beef chiseled to perfection. He’s funny and personable and seems like the kind of dude you’d love to have a Guinness with, even if you hated Guinness and would be dying for a glass of dry white wine the entire time.

But while his, erm, physical attributes have been etched into the annals of Tumblr fandom history, it’s his impeccable style that’s truly deserving of all the awards. 

The DC hunk and his wife, Lisa f*cking Bonet, attended the Academy Awards together this year, hitting up the red carpet beforehand to give us all a glimpse at their ethereal beauty and their swoon-worthy love. Bonet donned a pink number with a sparkling mesh overlay and Momoa dressed to match, rocking a pink velvet suit with black satin lapels. (We stan a husband who color coordinates, fam.) 

But the real MVP of Momoa’s look was the tiny accessory that graced his manly wrist, a velvet scrunchie in a matching shade. 

Normally, such a trinket would be an addition to an outfit, something added once the design was complete, an afterthought. But Jason, whose luscious mane is the envy of Herbal Essence models everywhere, knows that a scrunchie can be both functional and fashionable and thus, demands respect.

Well, respect is what this damn scrunchie got. 

E! News obtained video of Momoa getting ready for the Oscars, explaining where the idea for his makeshift bracelet came from. Apparently, his stylist used the hair tie on a show he was a part of and Momoa quote, “freaked out” because it was so “beautiful.” Let us all take a minute to appreciate a man who can be both a bloodthirsty Dothraki warlord and a curator of eccentric fashion pieces. 

Momoa was so enamored by this scrap of velvet that he asked the late Karl Lagerfeld to design a custom suit around it. 

And y’all, the icon said yes. 

We have no clue if Momoa employed the use of the scrunchie — though it’d be nice to imagine he got down on the dance floor at a swanky afterparty and had to wrangle his sweaty mane back using the sumptuous hairband — but really, does it matter? The fact that Momoa was confident enough to design a look as bold as this for an event as iconic and memorable as the Oscars are reason enough to make him our new number one Jason. 

(Our condolences to Jason Mantzoukas.)