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Unsettling mind control has the 'Debris' team on the case in sneak peek at new episode

By Nivea Serrao

Between strange weather patterns and teleporting buses, the mysterious alien Debris that has been raining down on Earth has been causing all sorts of problems for Bryan and Finola (played by Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele).

But as this latest run of episodes of the NBC science fiction show has shown, it's the people who are trying to harness the effects of this as-yet-unexplained technology for their own means that are the most dangerous — especially with the way it can affect people, be it suddenly reducing them to skeletons that emit a strange charge, or even manipulating their actions, as you can see in the exclusive clip below.

This week's adventure sees Bryan and Finola travel to Maine to check out an INFLUX lead. However, they have to take a break from investigating the Debris-obsessed terrorist zealots when they uncover a dangerous situation featuring some Debris that can potentially manipulate people and the young girl who has lost her father to it. 

Created by J.H. Wyman (Fringe), the series is set in a near future where the CIA and MI6 are forced to work together so they can investigate the titular pieces of an alien spaceship that have since been falling to Earth after it fragmented, causing all sorts of strange events on earth. The result is a joint investigative department called "Orbital," which both Bryan and Finola belong. 

"I was always more interested in the human reaction to these things, and using those as a mirror to show what we are," Wyman tells SYFY WIRE. "The debris is like science. It can be used for good, or it can be used for bad. Who knows what it's going to bring? It's up to us, as human beings, to figure it out. I really wanted to tell stories that have the concept of identifiable human-condition stories — issues that people are going through now about loneliness and isolation, and that life is guided by the human connections that you make. We have to keep that hope alive. That's the crux of what I'm trying to do."

Norbert Leo Butz also stars, along with Scroobius Pip. 

Catch new episodes of Debris on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, with next-day streaming for all available episodes on Peacock.