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Gotham producers break down the odds for more Batman, Catwoman post-finale

By Josh Weiss

The bat has left the nest of television, possibly forever. Fox's Gotham closed out for good last night after five seasons, but not before jumping 10 years into the future to give us adult versions of our favorite characters like Bruce Wayne/Batman (David Mazouz) and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Lili Simmons). Oh yeah, and the Joker (Cameron Monaghan) also showed up.

Now that the origin series is over, executive producer Danny Cannon believes the seeds are sowed for a follow-up...not that there's any guarantee we'll ever get one, of course. 

"I’d say, yes, things grew, for the better, but we always from the beginning of every year, had a plan," he told Deadline. "That plan was always fulfilled, I think, and always played out. I’m glad that you said that this last episode is a reboot, because it is. If you wanted to start a Batman series, you could do it right now."

However, he immediately hedged that comment with.

"I’m not saying there is going to be another Batman show. I think the movies have that market cornered, for him and the Joker, as they should. I just think the DC Universe is so incredibly deep and vivid, and I’m a big fan of it all. I don’t think there’s any limitations for what DC can do right now. I really don’t."

Cannon went on to say that if Gotham were to be made today (it first aired back in the fall of 2014), it would not be able to thrive on a regular network such as Fox.

"If this were to go again, would it be a Netflix show, or an Amazon show, or a HBO show?" he continued. "I often wonder what we would have done differently or how the story telling would have unfolded differently. It’s a good question to ponder."

Ok, so how about a Catwoman spinoff series to rectify that Halle Berry-starring trainwreck of 2004? Sorry, folks, but don't get your hopes up for one of those, either. Still, you shouldn't give up hope entirely.

Selina Kyle on Gotham

"I don’t know that it’s planted. I’d say… hopeful?" showrunner John Stephens said during an interview with TVLine.

It's not all bad, though, because we still have Pennyworth to look forward to this summer over on Epix (from many of the Gotham creatives, to boot).