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Oh my... Dad? Lucifer's got an unusual solution for family drama in new Netflix S5 trailer

By Nivea Serrao

Look's like "Daddy's" home in the new trailer for the second half of Lucifer's much-awaited fifth season — only as the trailer (below) reveals, the titular fallen-angel-turned-detective-consultant is less than happy with the return of God (as played by Dennis Haysbert). Especially as it seems to be bringing up a whole lot of issues for him and affecting his relationship with Chloe, which she's not so happy about either. 

And that's not all for the messy family drama he'll have to deal with! Turns out, Lucifer and his brother Michael seem to be on the same page when it comes to dealing with their massive daddy issues in that they both want to usurp their father and replace him as God. Unfortunately, there can only be one, and it looks like it's going to get bloody. 

Check out the trailer below:

Dubbed "Season 5B" this next installment of the series consists of eight episodes, one of which will be a musical — which you can see bits of in the trailer. And while it won't feature any brand new songs written specifically for the show, it will have some covers. It's also one of co-showrunner Joe Henderson's favorite episodes of the whole show.

Based on characters created for DC Comics' Vertigo imprint by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, Lucifer originally premiered on Fox and aired for three seasons before getting cancelled. Netflix not only resurrected the show but has kept it going all the way to Season 6, which has since been confirmed to be the last of the series. Production on the final 10 episodes wrapped in March, though no release date has been set yet. 

Tom Ellis stars on the show as Satan himself. He's joined by Aimee Garcia, Rachael Harris, Kevin Alejandro, Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B. Woodside and Scarlett Estevez. 

Season 5B premieres on Netflix on May 28.