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Lucifer's Tom Ellis and Lauren German tease a 'much less selfish Lucifer' in Season 6

By Nivea Serrao
Lucifer 603 Still

Fans of Lucifer are more than used to the titular devil asking people what they most desire. Well, with Season 6 of the Netflix series set to debut tomorrow, longtime viewers will finally get what they've been asking for — and then some — as the show drops its swan song. Not only does the upcoming run of 10 episodes grant some long-held wishes, but it also takes things back to how they started. 

**SPOILER WARNING: Minor spoilers below for Lucifer Season 6.**

In some cases, it's quite literal, as the season opens not unlike the pilot itself, with Lucifer being stopped by a cop for speeding. Only as he quickly discovers, it's Officer Diggs, the same cop who stopped him all those years ago, played once again by Matt Corby. 

"It was about showing how full circle the show has come but also how much it's changed," Executive Producer Joe Henderson tells SYFY WIRE. "Even just the fact that Lucifer's wearing a white tux in the car, as opposed to his outfit in the pilot. So much of it is the more things change, the more things stay the same. In this case, that's the beginning of the season, but by the end, people will realize that perhaps this journey is a more profound one than we might expect." 

He's not the only familiar face that turns up this season, as Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) are forced to deal with the events of Season 5, which saw Chloe receive one more chance at life after Lucifer sacrificed his own life for her. He also got quite the promotion, and now prepares to ascend to heaven and take his seat at his father's throne, where he will be serving as God. But in classic Morningstar fashion, he seems to be dragging his feet when it comes to taking on his new role.

One of the reasons for this is his relationship with Chloe, which will really be explored going into this final season — especially with her no longer working for the L.A.P.D. 

"Chloe and Lucifer are in the most solid place that their relationship's ever been, at the beginning of this season," Ellis tells us. "There are so many other factors at play, but the one thing that has really evolved, and is at the forefront of their relationship this season, is that they really trust each other, and they really trust how they feel about each other... [So] it puts Lucifer in two minds more than he was at the end of last season." 

German agrees, citing this new dimension to their relationship. "[They have] a true partnership of love, trust, and respect. Even though there's so much going on, and they have bridges to cross, and hills to climb, there's a new kind of solidarity with those two."

Of course, all relationships face tests sooner or later, and in the case of Lucifer and Chloe, it comes in the form of an actual fight between the two, as seen in the Season 6 trailer

"It's one of those things that was so obvious and we didn't have the ability to do it in previous seasons, because she's a human and he's celestial," Henderson says. "It's a story that we should have thought of, but we never would have, if not for where we ended Season 5."

But they won't just be dealing with each other. They'll also be going up against someone new: an angel who turns up in hell with a bone to pick with Lucifer. She'll be played by Deadpool 2's Brianna Hildebrand

"They are forced to work as partners, in a way they've never had to before," Ellis says. "And that exposes so many more things for them, that they didn't know about themselves. And, I personally, as Tom playing Lucifer, was grateful I had an opportunity to dig into that dynamic."

This, in turn, only underscores how far both Lucifer and Chloe have come. "There are a few points in the final season, where you realize, 'Gosh, our characters have really gone full circle,'" says Ellis. "It's always going to be comically, intrinsically selfish, but it's a much less selfish Lucifer in Season 6."

Lucifer will fly down (or up?) onto Netflix on Friday, Sept. 10.