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SYFY WIRE Black Widow

Marvel Studios reveals first posters for Black Widow and WandaVision

By Matthew Jackson
Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow

Marvel Studios unveiled a lot of new information about its upcoming projects at D23, including everything from a release date for Black Panther II to not one, not two, but three new Disney+ series centered on Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight. It was a lot of news even if you don't include everything Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Disney's other divisions unveiled at the expo, but it turns out even the major presentations couldn't contain it all. There are also two new poster debuts from upcoming Marvel releases, both from the studio's Director of Visual Development, Andy Park. 

Park, whose concept art credits include recent Marvel hits like Thor: Ragnarok and Captain Marvel, revealed via his Twitter account that he painted two D23 exclusive posters, one for the upcoming Black Widow solo film and one for the upcoming WandaVision streaming series on Disney+. Let's take a look at the Black Widow poster first, which also features our first peek at Stranger Things star David Harbour as the Red Guardian. 

Obviously, this image is taken from a stack of posters photographed by Park so it's very slightly skewed, but if you look up behind Natasha's head you also get a look at what appears to be Taskmaster, a fan-favorite supervillain who will make his MCU debut in the film. 

Then there's the WandaVision poster. We've been promised something weird with this series, which is supposed to blend superhero adventure with a kind of 1950s aesthetic, and to underscore that the reel that played during the Disney+ presentation blended clips from the MCU with clips from The Dick Van Dyke Show. This poster is very much in keeping with that kind of tone. 

Black Widow, directed by Cate Shortland and starring Scarlett Johansson in the title role, hits theaters May 1, 2020. WandaVision will debut in the spring of 2021, with its plot tying directly into that spring's major Marvel Studios movie release, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness