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SYFY WIRE Monsters at Work

'Monsters at Work' brings back Mike and Sully in first teaser trailer for new Disney+ series

By Jacob Oller & Josh Weiss
Monsters at Work

Mike Wazowski will be thrilled: the one-eyed Billy Crystal-voiced monster makes an appearance in the new Monsters at Work trailer and he's not even obscured by a perfectly placed and circular obstacle. Wazowski and his companion James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) return to the screams/laughter business after a pair of Monsters, Inc. films

Monsters at Work, a sequel series coming to Disney+ this July, takes place in a Monstropolis that's moved on from scaring children. Now focused on harnessing laughter instead of screams, Monsters Inc. is placed into the capable hands of Mike and Sully. "It's laughter we're after," says the former after the slug-like Roze (Bob Peterson) puts them in charge. Still, they're gonna need all the help they can get, and that's where MIFT (The Monsters Inc. Facilities Team) comes in. They maintain all the machinery — from doors to laughter canisters — across the entire company.

Creator Bobs Gannaway's take on the series focuses on Tylor Tuskmon (Ben Feldman), a young up-and-coming monster, who is rather let down over the fact that scaring is no longer on the menu. Shunted over to a job in MIFT, Tylor is joined by his friend Val (Kelly Marie Tran), boss Fritz (Henry Winkler), and mom Millie (Aisha Tyler). Among the stacked cast are returning voices John Ratzenberger (Yeti and Tylor's dad) and Jennifer Tilly (Celia Mae). Now fans can see how they'll all work together in the first trailer for the workplace sitcom.

Take a look below:

"The show, time-wise, starts six months after Monsters, Inc. ended. So now, we're on the Laugh Floor," Crystal told Collider earlier this year. "We've created all of the new, young, great characters with some great voice actors, and John and I are reprising our parts ... It's fantastic looking, it's hilarious, and we're having a lot of fun doing it."

While the teaser promises more wacky hijinks, we're still hoping for a tear-filled renunion between Sully and Boo. Monsters at Work hits Disney+ Friday, July 2.