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Recap: ‘Reginald the Vampire’ Episode 4 reveals the tragic history of Maurice and Angela

“I made you, but you made me too.”

By Brian Silliman
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Why was Maurice so upset with Reginald? He told his protege that bad things would happen as a result of his relationship with Sarah. Reg blowing his secret of being able to glamour other vamps didn’t please him either. 

How to Watch

Watch the Season 2 premiere of Reginald the Vampire on Wednesday, May 8 at 10/9c on SYFY.

Maurice got the Reg/Sarah ball rolling in the premiere of Reginald the Vampire, but that was before Reg was turned. Everything is different now, and in Episode 4, "All the Time in the World," we see exactly why Maurice feels the way that he does. To the surprise of no one, it involves his history with Angela.

SYFY’s latest original series Reginald the Vampire is upon you once more, so drop those fangs and feed.

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**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for "All the Time in the World," Episode 4 of Reginald the Vampire!**

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In 1972, a newly sired Maurice (Mandela Van Peebles) enjoys blood fondue and sexual artery slicing with Angela (Savannah Basley). Their work in the Black Panthers is going to be slow, but that’s okay— the most important gift that Angela has given Maurice is time. 

Cut back to the present day Slushy Shack, and Mike (Ryan Jinn) surprises Reginald (Jacob Batalon). Maurice has been ghosting the both of them. Reg feels bad about breaking his promise to Maurice (not to glamour any vamps or let the secret get out) and Mike gives advice. Nobody knows that Mike is a traitor, so we don’t trust anything he says.

Back in 1972, Maurice returns to Angela after being shot by a crooked cop. He ripped the cop’s head off after feeding on him. Angela is upset that Maurice doesn’t seem to know the difference between justice and vengeance. Maurice wasn’t the model protege himself, it turns out, so he and Angela are gonna hit Paris for a decade. Before that? Portland, for a visit with Maurice’s mother.

“You are no longer the son that she knew,” Angela says, trying to get him not to do this. They go in anyway, and we soon cut to Maurice in the present entering the same house. He starts to remember what happened years back — a very tense evening with his mother, a mute neighbor boy, and Angela. In the present, he meets the current neighbor named Landry. He’s aware that some “crazy s***” happened in there many years back. Aside from reliving painful memories, Maurice is on the hunt for something called “Herb of the Cross.”

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Penelope (Georgia Walters) voices doubts to Angela about Nikki, who she thinks cannot be controlled. Maurice is being careless in the past (he gets burned by the sun) and Angela insists that they leave as soon as they can. “I just need a little more time,” he says. Yeah, this is gonna go really well.

Angela gets a visit from Eve, a vamp who has heard the rumor that Maurice is back in Angela’s life. Angela spills to her about Reg, “the fat vampire.” We briefly cut to Reg attempting (and failing) to jump rope. Mike comes over and lets Reg know that he did get a Star Wars reference that was made earlier, but that he prefers his Joseph Campbell “in book form.” Mike agrees to a desperate plea that Reg made earlier— since Maurice has vanished, Mike will train him. They both need a second chance, but he doesn’t tell Reg why he needs one. You’re pushing it, Mike.

The flashback keeps burning slow as Maurice tells his mother what happened with the awful cop. He doesn’t have to vanish, she says he can stay there for as long as he wants. “There is no shame in catching your breath,” she says, as she and Maurice chop peppers. Angela is listening in, and looks like she’d like to chop something else. She pretends to understand Maurice wanting to stay in Portland when he officially tells her, only to reveal a human victim upstairs.

“I can’t leave you on an empty stomach,” she says.

He can’t help himself, he drops fangs and goes at the woman. Angela is nice enough to leave the door side open so that Maurice’s mother can see him feeding, and she proceeds to flip out.

Eve toasts Angela in the present as the two of them continue to laugh about Reg being fat. After hearing everything, Eve reveals that she has ulterior motives and is hot for Angela to fall so that she can rise. Lovely people all around!

In 1972, Maurice wakes up and finds his mother turned. “You were never gonna leave her, and now you don’t have to,” Angela says when she appears.

His religious mother cannot deal with this, or the truth of Maurice. “I can’t be what you’ve become,” she says, ultimately walking into the sun and burning alive on purpose. The mute neighbor boy sees it, and Maurice vows to kill Angela.

“I don’t know how, and I don’t know when…” he says, going on to echo his line at the start of the episode, “…but the one thing I do know, is that I have time.”

Who does creepy Landry turn out to be? The mute neighbor boy, of course, and in the present, he gets Maurice inside his house. He knows what he saw all those years ago! He also knew Maurice would be back. He’s got holy water, stakes, daggers, crosses, a crossbow, and more. Only some of those things will do any damage, but he doesn’t know that. The “devil’s trap” drawn on the floor doesn’t hold him, and he’s way too fast for the crossbow.

His apologies have meant nothing, so he tries to glamour Landry. It doesn’t work though, because Landry has been drinking the aforementioned Herb of the Cross, so now we know what that does and why Maurice wants it.

“Not only am I immune, I’m toxic,” Landry tells him. Well, nothing’s ever easy, as Maurice himself says. He has no choice but to break Landry’s neck. He bags a load of Landry’s homegrown herbs on his way out, and he doesn’t just pick them one by one. He just shoves entire potted herbs into a duffel bag, like you do.

Angela eventually connects with Nikki over the phone. “I have a problem that requires your special touch,” she says, as we cut to black. History will surely repeat itself in some way.

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Added Bites

-There’s no Sarah (Em Haine) or Ashley (Marguerite Hanna) in this episode, so that means a lot more of Angela. Savannah Basley has a ton of memorable lines, but our favorite from her is, “I made you, but you made me too.” Basley delivers it with a longing heartache that makes it clear how complicated her feelings for Maurice have always been, even back in 1972.

-Our favorite line in the entire episode goes to Maurice, though, and it’s all about how it is delivered by Van Peebles. When Landry is surprised that the devil’s trap doesn’t hold him, Maurice responds, “That’s just some s*** they made up in movies.” He mixes an edge of annoyance in with his compassion for Landry, and that annoyance contains having to put up with decades of both racism and vamp cliches.

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