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SYFY WIRE Reginald the Vampire

What SYFY's new series ‘Reginald the Vampire’ learned from ‘Chucky’ and Don Mancini

“It was just great to let those things flow naturally.”

By Brian Silliman
"Chucky" Explores Themes of Queer Identity and Diversity

The world of Reginald the Vampire is diverse and inclusive, but it also aims to be organic. In a recent interview at New York Comic Con 2022, which can be viewed above, showrunner Harley Peyton revealed that he had learned such organic inclusiveness from Chucky mastermind Don Mancini.

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Peyton worked with Mancini on the SYFY series Channel Zero, and went on to be a part of the writer’s room for Season 1 of Chucky. “To work together on Chucky was so much fun, it was a great writer’s room,” Peyton said, noting the many themes about “queer identity” that are present in that series.

Peyton is now in charge of Reginald, the latest SYFY original series, and he definitely took inspiration from Mancini in crafting SYFY’s new world of vampires.

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“I think that same thing about diversity goes into our show as well…,” he said, adding, “…that’s something that was very important to us.”

Such themes aren’t best suited to being forced, or placed in the story for the sake of ticking boxes. As Peyton said, “It was just great to let those things flow naturally.”

While Reginald and Chucky are very different shows, their approach in this fashion is similar, and that’s a direct result of Peyton’s work with Mancini.

“For us it became very organic, and I learned that I think in part from Chucky,” Peyton said. “Because it was so natural the way Don kind of put those things in the story.”

Chucky spawns new episodes on SYFY every Wednesday. Reginald the Vampire also gushes out new episodes on SYFY every Wednesday, so settle in for a bloody good double bill.