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Star Wars' (almost) most famous clones are back in The Bad Batch first teaser

By Jacob Oller & Justin Carter
Star Wars The Clone Wars Bad Batch

Star Wars mastermind Dave Filoni (The Mandalorian) did such great storytelling on the animated hit Star Wars: The Clone Wars that the higher-ups at Lucasfilm/Disney actually gave him a spin-off series all about a fan-favorite group of clone troopers: The Bad Batch. Now, thanks to today's news-filled Disney Investor call, fans can get a first look at what this new Disney+ series — appropriately titled Star Wars: The Bad Batch — has to offer.

The series is a bit of a follow-up to its predecessor, after the characters previously began the first arc of Clone Wars' final season. Now that the war is over, these former soldiers, all of whom are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, are turning mercenary as they search for purpose. Led by head writer Jennifer Corbett, the series looks to break some new ground with these characters — starting with its first teaser.

Check it out:

“I will tell you it looks really, really good. It looks absolutely beautiful," longtime Star Wars voice actor Sam Witwer said of the series over the summer. "The story ... at least I know where the story begins in the first several episodes and I am very pleased because it’s a little area of Star Wars that has not been often visited."

Just from the trailer alone, it looks to be a more action-packed version of its previous series, a sort of galactic cousin to ensemble romps like The A-Team as the titular crew runs and guns their way through the cosmos.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch hits Disney+ in 2021.