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Quantum Leap's Multiversal SDCC Activation Leaps You Into Chucky, Law & Order & More

With a virus disrupting Ziggy's ability to keep the timeline in check, SDCC 2023 fans had to step up in Dr. Ben Song's place.

By Caitlin Busch

The time traveller at the heart of NBC's Quantum Leap, Dr. Ben Song, doesn't always have the answers — which is where the guests at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 came in to correct the timelines of multiple NBC, SYFY, and USA Network hit shows.

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Fans of the Quantum Leap franchise were able to hop aboard their own adventure with Ziggy at "Quantum Leap HQ," which found the mainframe that usually helps Ben leap through time infected with a virus. Upon entering the neon-lit, hazy quantum tunnel, fans were assigned to the bodies of various characters from the TV worlds of Law & Order, The Voice, and Chucky in order to stabilize the timelines and buy the Quantum Leap team enough time to rid Ziggy of the treacherous virus. 

The instructions from Ben were clear: This virus could "destroy the fabric of the universe. And, more importantly, some of our favorite TV shows." 

He continued in a video message to his now-fellow Leapers: "The Coaches' chairs have spun them out of The Voice, Chucky broke free from his box, and Law & Order is starting to look more like 'Law & Dis-order.' The team is working to neutralize Ziggy's virus but we need time. I know ... ironic. But that's where you come in: I need you to leap to the three TV worlds and try to stabilize the timelines. You're gonna leap into other people's bodies and do things you've never done before — but just go with it and try not to draw any attention! Buy us enough time to reboot the Quantum Operating System."

His final warning, to "not forget to –" ... something ... was lost due to the virus' interference. And from there, fans were off to stabilize the timelines.

The first stop was to the Law & Order universe, which mixed together elements from Law & OrderLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Law & Order: Organized Crime.

There, they found a detective at a loss. A local journalist had just been murdered, and having leaped into the bodies of various NYPD officers, it was the fans' job to uncover the evidence. With evidence bags in hand, fans (sorry, the officers) dug through the trash and behind a hot dog cart to find clues — the greatest of which was labeled "No. 4": the murderers' ID, which was tucked under a trashcan lid and guarded by some rats gnawing at old pizza.

Success! The detective congratulated the newly minted officers by revealing the famed "Executive Producer Dick Wolf" hidden behind a curtain — and then immediately attempted to pass off the day's paperwork.

But Leapers don't have time for paperwork. The Law & Order timeline was restored, so fans were escorted back to the Quantum Tunnel in order to reach the next universe: a world in which they leap into the bodies of The Voice contestants. 

Taking their places at the various microphones, contestants faced the back of one of the show's iconic red swivel chairs in the hopes that they'd be picked to join one of the Coach's teams. Encouraged by an enthusiastic producer, they put on a blowout rendition of Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)" and impressed the judge enough to turn the chair and reveal ... a meddling intern.

"You're not Reba!" the producer cried out as the Leapers were assured The Voice's timeline had been restored.

There was one final adventure for fans to discover in the world of SYFY and USA Network's Chucky ... but to learn more, you'll have to head over to SYFY WIRE. Just know that there is a dead body involved.

Rest assured, though: Your favorite shows' timelines were ultimately restored.

"You made it back in one piece!" Ben said via a video message at the end. "I've confirmed with Ziggy that the timelines have been realigned and you have leaped back to San Diego Comic-Con 2023. Please remember that your mission — my mission — is to put right what once went wrong. Like the time I leaped back and convinced them to name the show The Voice instead of 'Spinny Chair Sing-Song Show.' Not a good title.

"Anyway. See you soon for Season 2."