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Will Game of Thrones win everything? Emmy predictions 2019


With 32 nominations, is Game of Thrones going to be the fire-breathing beast that takes over the Emmys this year?

SYFY WIRE's Angélique Roché, Jackie Jennings, and Adam Swiderski just had a serious discussion on whether that will actually happen (and what kind of chance any other series have when they're up against dragons).

Game of Thrones does seem almost unconquerable, if you ask Angélique, who admitted it wasn't the answer she wanted, but more like the right answer. The GoT fandom reached dizzying heights this year, flying almost as high as one of Daenerys' dragons. There were even limited-edition Game of Thrones Oreos. You know a show is going to score big at any awards show if it earned its own Oreos.

But what about The Good Place, The Handmaid's Tale, Russian Doll, and all the other fantastic series in the dragon's shadow?

Adam believes it's probably going to be a situation like The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2003) at the Oscars, where the awards were really given out for the body of work and not just the finale. The actors have proven themselves beyond worthy. You also have to admit that, whether you were dying to find out who got killed off in each episode or couldn't care less, Game of Thrones really did elevate TV.

The Good Place also deserves a mention as the rare genre comedy to make it to the Emmys. They even got into philosophical questions, so with that and the amazing acting (including all the improv) it has a shot.

So what about next year? There will be a serious probably if The Dark Crystal doesn't get a treasure trove of nominations. The Boys is also a kickass contender. Some of the shows Disney+ is coming out with, like The Mandalorian, could possibly get in.

Want to hear more of our speculation? You have to watch to the end!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.