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Care Bears reboot encounters new villain Bluster in this exclusive clip

By Jacob Oller

Boomerang’s bringing back the Care Bears and while some older fans will recognize the cuddly crew at the show’s heart, the reboot has a few surprises in store.

Even though it’s based on characters steeped in nostalgia, Care Bears: Unlock the Magic isn’t going to simply rehash all the warm n’ cuddly antics the show’s gone through before. The antics, featuring the cuddly new Wiffles, need to be newer, cuddlier, and warmer! Or, in the case of the show’s new villain, Bluster, much colder.

His plan (or the first of many plans) — as SYFY WIRE can debut in an exclusive clip from “Patch of Perturbed Petunias,” the show’s second episode — is the transformation of the Wiffles' home, The Silver Lining, into a theme park for villains!

Care Bears: Unlock the Magic Bluster

Share Bear and Cheer Bear overhear some really evil stuff coming from the series’ new antagonist. A concession stand? Unforgivable. There are certainly ways to deal with his ilk, but if these Care Bears are anything like the ones some fans grew up with, they’ll be solving this problem with affection and understanding. And possibly some stares.

Care Bears: Unlock the Magic hits Boomerang on Feb. 1.

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