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SYFY WIRE Resident Evil

WIRE Buzz: Donal Logue boards Resident Evil movie; Halloween producer on series future; more

By Josh Weiss & Vanessa Armstrong
Donal Logue Gotham

Donal Logue is trading in his Gotham City PD badge in order to lead Raccoon City's finest.

Per Deadline, the Gotham veteran will play Chief Irons in the upcoming Resident Evil origin film written and directed by Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down). Chad Rook (The Flash) and Lily Gao (The Handmaid’s Tale) also boarded the project, which is now in production. The story, which is reportedly very faithful to the Capcom video game series of the same name, will be told across one night in Raccoon City, circa 1998.

Kaya Scodelario ("Claire Redfield"), Hannah John-Kamen ("Jill Valentine"), Robbie Amell ("Chris Redfield"), Tom Hopper ("Albert Wesker"), Avan Jogia ("Leon Kennedy"), and Neal McDonough ("William Birkin") were all previously cast in the movie, which hopes to debut sometime next year. It's unclear what characters Rook and Gao are playing, although Deadline describes their roles as "supporting."

Donal Logue

Netflix is currently developing two shows (one live-action, one anime) based on the games. Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich — the filmmaking duo behind the upcoming Monster Hunter — launched a cinematic Resident Evil franchise that brought in over $1 billion at the global box office.

The Halloween franchise still has two more installments that have yet to hit the big screen, but once the new trilogy finishes off with Halloween Ends two years from now, the producers aren't exactly sure what comes next for Haddonfield and its most famous slasher resident.

"I have not thought that far ahead," series producer Freimann recently told "Right now, we're in the midst of what we see as the David Gordon Green trilogy. And the story, like with the Rob Zombie films, it had these little offshoots. They had done Halloween III: Season of the Witch way back then, so it's like we're living in the moment with these films that are successful, and we'll see where it goes from there."

Could this possibly mean the producers are toying with the idea of bringing back John Carpenter's plan to turn the Halloween IP into an anthology of seasonal movies? Somebody needs to get Tom Atkins on the phone...or is he still on the line yelling "STOP IT!!!"?

Halloween Kills

Sadly, fans will have to go another year without Michael Myers because Halloween Kills was delayed to October 2021 as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The silver lining is that the first sequel, which dropped a new teaser trailer last week, will be released next matter what. Halloween Ends will follow in October 2022. Gordon Green is serving as director and co-writer for both films.

"The [2018 movie] was more about Laurie's life of isolation after Michael and her attempts at revenge," the filmmaker said over the summer. "It was personal. [Kills] is more about the unraveling of a community into chaos. It's about how fear spreads virally."

Soul, the Pixar movie set to drop on Disney+ on Dec. 25, has so much great music in it that it will garner two separate records with two very different soundtracks.

The movie focuses on a middle school band teacher named Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) who dies before he gets his big break to perform jazz in front of an audience. Disney already announced at D23 that Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Gone Girl, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) are scoring the film, and that Jon Batiste (bandleader on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) will be creating original jazz numbers as well.

Screenshot from Pixar Soul Trailer

According to Collider, one of the records will feature the original score by Reznor and Ross, while the other album will feature Batiste’s original jazz music and arrangements.

Interested? You can now pre-order the vinyls here and here on Amazon and have them sent to you on Dec. 18, a week before the film drops on Disney+.