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WIRE Buzz: Kevin Smith records Jay and Silent Bob commentary; Gunn's galactic TP; more

By Donnie Lederer
Jay and Silent Bob

In this edition of WIRE Buzz, Silent Bob speaks (a lot), Marc Guggenheim reveals some cool Arrow tidbits, and James Gunn possibly reveals too much?

Reported by Slashfilm, writer/director/actor/podcaster/nice guy Kevin Smith went on YouTube to record something for his View Askew fans. His most recent film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Smith was kind enough to record a director's commentary track to go with it. If you are any sort of Smith fan, you know he loves making commentary tracks (sometimes to movies he had nothing to do with). If you want to learn how he made this love letter to his fans, then sync up the film with the video down below.

CinemaBlend reported that Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad director James Gunn has resorted to using a novelty item thanks to the toilet paper shortage during the coronavirus crisis. Here is his Twitter post on the subject.

While we are reasonably sure Gunn is not in dire straits when it comes to bath tissue, it's always good to have a Michael Rooker on hand in case of emergencies.

Reported by, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has taken to Twitter to show fans behind-the-scenes tidbits from the recently completed series. At one point, he discussed how one of the original plans for the finale was Oliver's sacrifice being one of the inspirations for the debut of Batman. He has also released script pages from Season 1. This first one depicts the original scene from the Season 1 finale when Robert Queen sacrifices himself so Oliver can live.

This second post shows fake shooting scripts passed around, so the Season 1 death of Tommy Merlyn stayed a secret.