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WIRE Buzz: Transformers gets a release date, Rick and Morty return, and a new Spawn cartoon may be on the horizon

By Donnie Lederer

In this edition of WIRE Buzz, the next Transformers film rolls out a release date,  Rick and Morty celebrate Christmas in a way only Rick and Morty can, and Todd McFarlane gives an update on a new Spawn cartoon.


First up, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the release date of the next entry into the Transformers franchise. We’ll be seeing the Autobots vs. Deceptions once again on June 22nd, 2022. Well, we may be at the stage where a more significant threat causes them to team up like Thor and Loki. We have a few years before we’ll know for sure.

Next, Rick and Morty are back for new episodes starting May 3rd. To get everyone in the “Christmas in May” spirit, Adult Swim released a preview of Sunday’s premiere. Check it out down below.

We mean, we’d feel bad, but at the same time, we knew it was coming.


Finally, Todd McFarlane has revealed another layer to the onion that is getting Spawn back onto the screen. In an interview with ComicBook.Com's Talking Shop, MacFarlane said that while working to get the live-action film up and running, he was also working on getting an animated Spawn going as well. 

"Actually years ago we started a second go-round at it, and I still have all of that work. And it includes all the voice recordings and everything. So I've got about ninety minutes of a show ready, teed up, ready to go; the only thing I need to do is the cell animation, everything else has been designed," he said. "Obviously we need to put some music and sound effects or something - but yeah, I've been sitting on a 90-minute version of it for a long time. I've just been waiting to launch the movie to say 'Hey, let's tumble this all out at the appropriate time.' But yeah, we'll get [the] animation done."

While we hope to see both the final product of both of these productions, we are definitely looking forward to the eventual Netflix documentary chronicling the entire process.