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SYFY WIRE Behind the Panel Podcast

Celebrate Batman Day with this 4-part podcast delving deep into the history of the Bat.

By Donnie Lederer
The Dark Knight

Atomic Bat-Ears to power, turbines to speed!

September 21 is Batman Day, where fans all around the world celebrate anything and everything having to do with the Dark Knight. We here at SYFY WIRE are no exception. This year, Batman Day is unique, as 2019 also marks the 80th anniversary of Bruce Wayne’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27.

Earlier this year, our own Mike Avila presented a four-part series on his Behind the Panel podcast chronicling the history of Batman through comics, television, film, and animation. Rather than have to search for them, we’ve gone ahead and posted them all here for your listening pleasure.

Part 1: Comics (interviews include: Jim Lee, Athena Finger, Joe Giella, and Neal Adams)

Part 2: Television (interviews include: Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Bob Garcia, and David Mazouz)

Part 3: Film (interviews include: Lindy Hemming, Robert Wuhl, and Michael Uslan)

Part 4: Animation (interviews include: Kevin Conroy, Andrea Romano, Bruce Timm, and Alan Burnett)

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