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Cats leads Razzie nominations, with Hellboy, Joker, and Dark Phoenix also scoring nods

By Donnie Lederer & Alexis Sottile

Ah, Cats. For one all-too-brief moment late last year, this crazy mixed-up world made sense, if only because a movie about anthropomorphized cats that seemed to have been created by a particularly unadvanced neural network brought us all together in a perfect cathartic moment of WTF.

Well, it's time to relive the magic in the comfort of your own home, because that celebration of all things Cats-like for the past 40 years, the Golden Raspberry Awards (aka the Razzies), are once again upon us. The nominations are out, and Cats is tied for the top at eight nominations with such luminaries as Rambo: Last Blood and A Medea Family Funeral. And, for the first time in its four-decade history, this year's Razzie Awards will be televised. Meow.

While Cats certainly raised the bar with the number of nominations, comic book fare was not impervious to the Razzies. David Harbour's turn in 2019's Hellboy earned him a Worst Actor nomination. The movie itself, along with Warner Brothers' Joker, is up for "most reckless disregard for human life and public property." The penultimate entry of Fox's X-Men films also earned representation, as Dark Phoenix earned a Worst Supporting Actress nomination for Jessica Chastain, and the movie earned one for "Worst Remake, Ripoff, or Sequel."

The stigma of the Razzies is to go after the "worst of the worst," but it's not all bad. Keanu Reeves and Will Smith are both nominated for the "Razzie Redeemer Award" for their turns in John Wick 3  and Aladdin, respectively. 

For the second year in a row, the Razzie Awards will take place sometime after the Oscars.  Before last year, the Razzies were awarded the day before Hollywood's more somber occasion, but this is the second year in a row Razzie organizers were saving the worst for last. And it was announced back in June that this year's awards would be broadcast live on the Comedy Dynamics Network. Not bad for a ceremony that started in a UCLA student's living room.